Tina Kalivas

This week I was asked by a friend why I am so interested in exploring fashion. I think it’s to do with an insatiable desire for beauty. Only by hunting can you find the new and the beautiful. It’s a compulsive curiosity and a constant aesthetic investigation. It can sometimes become tiresome and limiting until unexpectedly you discover a designer who captures your imagination. Tina Kalivas is one of these designers who has acquired a spot at the top of my list. I’ve always been impressed by her work (I’ve talked about her before on the blog). Her strengths reside in the uniqueness, sheer quality and modern elegance of her pieces. In this collection, the shapes and details are created meticulously but there is something more about these looks – a hardly perceptible extra – that makes the clothes so much more than just beautiful pieces. Like a slight shiver across the surface of a lake, they also perfectly reflect the essence of African culture. They vary in terms of textures and silhouettes but they are all clearly of the same family, contained and controlled by a manifesto focusing on elemental indigenous colours and geometry. Tina Kalivas has her own distinctive and unmistakable dye, she’s a sort of fashion purist who does not deal so much in trends and finds it more satisfactory to treat each piece as a work of art or an experiment. With her entirely fresh and passionate approach to fashion she has lovingly designed an unforgettable and captivating colourful adventure. She’s authentic and it just seems somehow right to me that a designer should be exploring and not just imitating (like so many others do). I always hear stories from my friends who work in the fashion industry of how impossible it is at times to establish a genuinely creative space, it’s a continuing debate, but one which does not seem to apply to her. She learns from other cultures, adds a touch of her own stylistic insights, a spirit of spontaneity combined with carefully observed elements and a magic ingredient: the result is guaranteed.

All pictures courtesy of Tina Kalivas

Tina 2


Mademoiselle Robot ❤ said...

J'adore sa nouvelle collection, je la trouve magnifique.

Anonymous said...

jaja darling, you turned me onto tina kalivas with your last blog post about her and i've become a fan. i love her unique take on ethnic - from the prints to the silhouettes, it's all very special. xoxo

Anna said...

I went to Kalivas' website after reading this article and found the previous lines remarkable and stunning as well. Thank you for highlighting this fascinating designer!

kiss me quick said...

wow very inspiring collection


Hi dear, I totally love this, more posts wanted! ^^
Come check out the new posts ;)
With love, MC

Link me
@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

Kim said...

haha pretty funky:)


tuba said...

A perfect summation of TK and her wonderful talents and style, she is Australia's best!

jack bespoke said...

omgosh. the peplum skirt is friggen amazine, love the ethnic vibe/prints/shapes


electric feel said...

wow..this looks very interesting!
thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

ps. i quoted part of this article in my blog.. you are a very talented writer!


Anonymous said...

je trouve ça magnifique quand la mode emprunte à des cultures "traditionnelles" (hum le terme n'est pas très juste). je trouve qu'il y une source inépuisable d'inspiration dans les livres d'ethnologie par exemple.
Je ne connaissais pas ce designer et je suis vraiment contente de le découvrir!
(désolée pour le commentaire à rallonge...)

Ashley said...

cool blog


Elsa said...

Yes, I love Tina Kalivas! She's big here in Australia but I wish she got more international recognition. Her Afghan collection was incredible, too.

Jessica said...

wow. i love the etnic feel of this collection. the use of color is fantastic, i am loving this !
Thanks for this post :)

cody said...

love all these prints (:

xx cody


Lilly said...

Hi JulyStars,

the colourful collection reminds me of ancient fashion from Egypt or Native America. People keep asking me 'why fashion? better get involved in saving the whales!'which indicates that they assume fashion is solely superficial. For me fashion means to discover your personality and to get inspired by beauty around the world. Kind greetings from LillysGarden,

Lilly :)

Anonymous said...

great collection, powerful shape and color. Fresh and joyful.
Love the style

Bobbin Talk said...

Love your collage! :)
Tina Kolivas rocks!!

Sole honeynettles.blogspot.com said...

Very beautiful. In a sea of Balmain wannabes, she has found her own voice

gemma said...

these prints a HOT!

thanks for posting!

love the blog!



Anonymous said...

I'mlove it!

Tiffany,Ebony Intuition said...

Nice collection.

Anonymous said...

Hi, big fan of your blog and musical tastes. What is the name of the song currently playing on your blog? I like. I'm curious to know what else is on your playlist.

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