Gregory Crewdson at the White Cube

My boy and I went to see an exhibition of new photographs by Gregory Crewdson at the White Cube gallery.
In this latest body of work, shot over the past three years, Crewdson continues his exploration of small-town America.
Crewdson shoots his still images as if he were David Lynch channeling Edward Hopper on a movie set. Since he shoots with a Hasselblad Sinar 8x10 camera, his field of composition includes people, sky, cars, streets and buildings. In essence, the scale of his compositions matches the possibilities inherent in the 8x10 camera format.
He works with a mini lighting crew that sets up before each shoot. Richard "Rico" Sands, whose background includes being a gaffer, crane operator, and director of photography, collaborates on the lighting setup of his shots.
Crewdson returns again and again to the same territory, a scene from the suburbs or from rural America invaded by its desires and anxieties. His pictures are fascinating, enigmatic scenes of puzzlement, regret and frustration.
If you live in London, go and see this show before it ends (24 May).
And if you're a very wealthy person, invest in one of his pictures! Prices start at around £35,000.


Times of Glory said...

What a beautiful exhibition! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely experience. Gregory is sooo good at picking up the ordinary things and showing their beauty in a totally individual way. Love your post xxxxxx

July Stars said...

Times of glory: You have to go and see this show before it ends. It's incredible!

Anonymous said...

Hello!Thanxxx for the lovely comment u left on my blog!I just got started with it so im never really sure ;) Yours looks really cool as well.I just read all your posts (the diamond bunny earrings r my new must have!)Au fait,tu es francaise ou anglaise?

c.lorraine said...

Love it! I saw Gregory Crewdson when this show was up in NYC a few weeks ago and it was stunning. He's genius.

July Stars said...

Sale gamine: je suis contente que tu aimes mon blog! je suis moitie francaise, moitie anglaise et j'habite Londres depuis dix ans (j'ai grandi en France et au Luxembourg) ...

c.lorraine: You're right, he's a genius. I watched a documentary recently on the creation process behind his pictures. CRAZZZZY!