Fashion genius Alexander Wang was the new kid on the block, with a celebrity stylist (the gorgeous Erin Wasson) and a lot of positive press coupled with several awards. He showed promise, reinvented hipster cool, established a certain downtown style, chic and edgy, succeeded in making grungy look appealing again and delivered a refreshing well-designed pieces. Yes his new more sporty collection for spring 2009 has disappointed me a little bit. I can hear all the trendy kids out there discrediting me for criticizing the wunderkind who cites Miami Vice as the inspiration behind this collection. The sweatpants, denim and oversized everything were ridiculously grotesque and unwearable. The Miami deco colours which created a discontinuation from the usual black pieces should have been left in ... Miami and the cropped t-shirts with short shorts? A leather sweatshirt?
There were a few interesting and beautifully designed pieces but on the whole I was fiercely disappointed by the king of the tough aesthetic.

Here are the five looks I liked out of ... forty!

I had decided to only talk about the spring 2009 collections I love with but this was such a big disappointment that I had to mention it - even if it means losing readers along the way.

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Camille says OOPS. said...

I feel exactly the same when I saw the collection !

Luxe. said...

I must say I was a little disapointed too.

Anonymous said...

this collection was people are tasteless and have no fashion sense whatsoever..your blog sucks balls

July Stars said...

Camille: You agree with me?

Luxe: Has your lovely blog disappeared? I can't seem to find it anymore ...

Anonymous: 'tasteless and generic' but I'm still entitled to my own opinion.

laura said...

no i completely agree you!
i can understand why people adore this so much, but i actually think its nothing special, and quite boring

also, the models all look terribly uncomfortable themselves. they're all sweaty and looks pissed off to be there.
unless that was the look they were going for?...

anyway, i agree with you

and i think your blog is fantastic!
a definite new daily read