I've written about Sorrenti in the past: I've always loved his audacity, the way he proposes new and exciting ideas. Lately, I noticed that he seems to have arrived at a personal and professional maturity, showing excellence on all levels.
When I first came across this shoot a few weeks ago I was transfixed, rooted to my Mac!
His pictures reveal a city of decadence and dark romance, a sort of neo noir Tokyo slightly reminiscent of certain Blade Runner elements. His energy and individual personality seem to saturate these images, producing excitement and noise.

I couldn't post all the images here, the ed is quite long so I've chosen some of my favourites!

September 2008 Vogue Nippon

All photos: TFS


E said...

What a beautiful spread!

roxanne said...

i love that second to last image.. though models staring at the camera are nothing new, this one really seems to be breaking that fourth wall, and the backdrop is stunning.

July Stars said...

e: I'm glad you like it. I fell in love instantly!

Roxanne: You should check out the rest of this ed, I couldn't post everything here but there are more ridiculously beautiful images to admire.

Alice (ou Al) said...

i really like the second picture, the model and the choice to take picture in black and white

July Stars said...

Alice: pfff, au moins ca t'a plu ... mon choix de peintre ne t'ayant pas trop impressionnee - hahaha

D said...

Despite being an amazing photographer, it doesn't hurt that he is also a complete babe.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.