I have a memory of seeing one of Mat's compositions for the first time. It was a Basement Jaxx cover. I can’t forget it. He has slowly carved a niche for himself. A world where he is free to art direct his enigmatic and powerful pop explorations. His aesthetic taps into different worlds: art, photography, music and fashion all collide, eradicating the traditional barriers that usually separate these entities. His eye for detail indicates a solid understanding of pop culture and its symbols. Appropriated Disney characters, Michael Jackson and Prince, bright glossy magazine colours, lips or cut out eyes are all juxtaposed to create energetic bold compositions with an element of surprise and the unknown. Audacious and abstract in spirit, his work seems to reveal private thoughts, preoccupations and personal experiences. The process of decoding the work is left to the individual viewer, engaging him or her to discover themes of high and low culture, beauty and complexity. His multi-layered compositions are surreal images where disembodied eyes float above Las Vegas or playful dogs have human bodies. There is a definite homage to Dalí there. Audacious and addicted to creativity, he describes the process behind his work as almost 'accidental'. Starting with one element he will progressively build a montage/collage around it in which each individual image seems to have its own meaning and associations. He's interested in how these work together, how the accumulation of senses will result in a contemporary vision. Like Warhol, Jeff Koons or Dalí he appropriates other images to produce a new work. Full of movement and life, his work is sometimes hard to read but always includes an element or a visual icon everyone can relate to. By referring to some of his heroes within the piece, he gives light on his own inspirations and personality. As a very young boy he was already commissioned by local shops in his hometown to paint signs and murals. The handwork was quickly replaced by graphics, collages and photography.
Foremost among his influences he cites photorealist painters, Alex Katz, Peter Beard, Warhol, Jeff Koons, Rosenquist, Prince and Michael Jackson (no surprise there)! His work is consistent and follows a unique aesthetic path, revealing his own surrounding culture. Enjoy the visual treat and try to figure it out ... but don't take it too seriously!

To see more of his work go to or to buy an original signed print

His clients include Goldfrapp, Beck, Basement Jaxx, Das Pop, Tate Liverpool, Nike, Nylon magazine, Swarovski, Penguin books


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog. Good work.. Count on me as your reader ;)

Anonymous said...

That's very right.. Hope I'll score more points ;)

Love your photos!

Donkey said...

Nice collage of his work!

ryan manning said...

neutral facial expression

Alice (ou Al) said...

wow just wow! I like this work!

we could grow up together said...

donald duck is the best!

a. said...



that fly me away single cover art is one of my favourites of all time.


Anonymous said...

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