She has an easy elegance and grace, is not afraid of experimenting with clothes, displays authentic individuality in her choices and always proves that her instincts are good. A style icon in her own right, she is one of those girls who in my opinion will truly define an era. She has the kind of French sophistication women long for, the playful Parisian charm I admire in my mother (yes, she’s French) and has her place in my top 10 key influential style forces. Her name is Liz Goldwyn. LA jewellery designer, rock and roll kid and granddaughter of legendary Hollywood movie mogul Sam Goldwyn she is also the author of a documentary which looks at the last generation of burlesque queens in the 1930s to 1950s through their clothes. She knows what fashion can do for a woman and her expertise apparently started at a very young age. As a teenager, she was already cultivating her passion buying vintage pieces at thrift stores using her pocket money. I could spend hours studying pictures of her under a microscope. She genuinely comes alive when playing dress-up. Whether wearing YSL, Balenciaga or vintage from her huge personal collection there is always a place for feminine audacity. Personally, I’m attracted to the energy that emanates from her, the quirky ideas and old-fashioned virtues she displays through her clothes and references to chic. There’s a new girl in the fashion family!

All pictures: The Fashion Spot



Lisa said...

pure elegance.

and her lips!
my oh my.
so alluring.

these are beautiful snaps.


Kenza said...

Je ne connaissais pas cette jeune femme... Mais elle pourrait devenir une source d'inspiration !
Quelle grâce !

stilettostetico said...

Parce que LA "socialite" est Aussi un "Fashion caméléon" (en l'occurence au sourire IRRADIANT) !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Anonymous said...

Mmmwow, she's definitely not the typical French woman wearing black on black on black. It's a bit eccentric a bit quirky. I like it, thanks for the intro (:

STEFANIE said...

wow she has great style! oh and I love her lipstick ^-^

i.d. said...

I wish I could be half as glamorous!

Hope you have a wonderful safe & warm Christmas & New Year's! xx

broadcast.poulet said...

what a classy lady!
and i know what you mean about those parisian ladies with their charm! ;)
happy holidays. xox

lala lopez said...

shes is ultra chic

claire said...

She is the epitome of chic, the kind of woman we all want to be when we're older.

y-s x

Bobble Bee said...

i love the way she empowers femininity.
Thanks for this post :)

Anonymous said...

Bon tu viens quand en Belgique? Dépêche toi je t'emmenerais voir l'expo Martin Margiela à Anvers si t'es gentille (mais je préférerais que tu ne sois pas gentille c'est plus drôle).Bizouxxx

Anonymous said...

love love love liz goldwyn. thanks for this post!

-h of candid cool said...

great style. i like how she has an unconventional beauty, the "jolie laide", which is more alluring than any Jessica or Jennifer celebrity.

Anonymous said...


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