I’ve been the victim of a hideous cold all week forcing me to experience infuriating sleepless nights (extremely blocked up nose) and constant coughing. I’ve relieved the boredom of 6 successive evenings at home by watching countless episodes of Ugly Betty on, devouring Stephenie Meyer’s “Breaking dawn” and occasionally indulging in a rant about feeling shit. A heady brew!
While compulsively reading blogs yesterday, I came across Francesco Scognamiglio’s work on Dazed Digital. I don’t know anything about this designer except that the display of his slightly unreal fantasy world left me feeling strangely satisfied. A visual treat. But as I looked at his highly sculptural/architectural creations I wondered whether he was trying to alienate buyers. How many people in this generally sluggish retail environment would consider buying his pieces? And how relevant are they? Or maybe it’s beside the point? You can feel that Scognamiglio has a sound knowledge of couture and tailoring: he experiments with extreme shapes and constructions, pushing the severe lines to the edge and playing with origami-like folds and ruffles. I was instantly seduced by the predominantly daring clothes (despite the fact that they’re aren’t exactly wearer friendly) and loved the theatricality of the show. It definitely has its own merits. The emphasis here is on the creativity and quality that embodies the sense of Italian fashion. His fierce aesthetic may not be commercially successful (unless he tones down his penchant for flamboyance) but I’m intrigued by his surrealist and futuristic propositions. I love the decadent and dynamic effects of the pieces and the fact that his luxurious exuberance may seem at odds with the current economic climate. It’s refreshing. The accessories are beautiful too. Look at the gorgeous costume jewellery, belts, gloves, shoes and hats!

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