I had decided to stop talking about the countryside. The original idea was to devote this post to Mark Borthwick (Elizabeth, my book only arrived last week) but for reasons that need not detain us here I have found myself contemplating pictures I took in France last week. It gives me a tingle of pleasure to think of the textures and colours of Normandy. A wholesome life. The sun, sea, endless verdant fields, apple trees, brocantes* in every village and horses. A slow pace which is already eluding me in London with its electrifying reality.

*Brocantes are sales of heirlooms, jumble or antiques great for hardcore bargain hunters.

Back to fashion tomorrow!

All picture are mine and were taken in Normandie (the region of Le Perche), Mont St Michel and Thoiry. Wearing my Barbour, J Brand jeans, Mulberry bag.

Zoo pic


Kenza said...

Ces photos sont sublimes, la lumière est impressionnante !

Paperface said...

It's a fairy tale!

deedoubleyou said...

your pictures are amazing!! and you look so cute :)

Anonymous said...

these photos are absolutely gorgeous

walking said...

You've got great music taste :)

Nikk said...

love your photography and simple style!

Anna said...

Amazing photos and what an amazing place! Fairytale indeed!:)

Anonymous said...

Super belles photos mais je te préviens, je viens te voir à Londres mais pas à la campagne! Non Non Non!!!T'es trop mignonne avec tes ptites converse - Et le sac Mulberry à la campagne, ça vaut bien des Louboutin un jour de mariage.10/10 mademoiselle!

Luce said...

I think the Mont Saint Michel is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. super photos too, I love how they are all the same colour tone.

pennerad said...

oh, how i miss the country. i grew up on a farm with trees and mist and cows and the morning routine of feeding the pigs. these pictures are beautiful; i thank you for sharing and giving me a little piece of home!
shall we exchange links?

miss a. said...

the empty street looks so peaceful. i grew up in the "country", but it looked more like something out of some hill-billy nightmare (complete with children without shoes and not the hippie-chic, but more of the trailer park chaos). the fog is perfect.

Lola Is Beauty said...

My Mark Borthwick book arrived last week too! Ah, France looks lovely...

Anonymous said...

oh i do agree with the first commet....the photos are sublime....and how i would love to see that church in vivo...
oh but in the last photo you sorta remind me of camille bidault waddington...not that you look like her...but something...

Hannah said...

Looks wonderful. Love your outfit at the end. Is that a leather rucksack?

Hannah said...

Oh, and I also absolutely love your hair cut, it looks so lovely!

Rachel said...

GASP! Gorgeous! Where are these taken??

Nicole said...

I took a long trip trough the whole of France but nothing compaired to Normandie! so beautiful and enchanting..

m said...

These are so beautiful! I'm sorry if you've answered this question before, but what sort of camera do you use?

broadcast.poulet said...

you are too amazing, do you know that!?
i really love your nature photographs. really. love.

Anonymous said...

i love the picture of you and the goat!

Mo said...

so breath taking! so nostalgic!!

<3 mo

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

these photos are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. it makes me want to jump into my computer screen. i love the french countryside (even more than the city, sshhh)

something about striped tops + denim + converses. any variation. so classic.

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