Regardless of the hype surrounding Neil Krug at the moment, I’m happy to continue discussing his work. Like most of you, I came across his photos on Flickr. Seeing them for the first time is the strangest feeling. I was immediately fascinated by the triumphantly combined narratives: fashion, styling, art, unbelievable plots and sensationalist twists all shot in a sixties/seventies style. His pictures are lavish and dramatically engaging readings of cinematic scenes, which manage to capture beautifully the essence of the stories, ranging from Western to New Age. His photos evoke perfectly his ideology. He seems to believe that the important basis of photography is the result of the tension created between the traditional forms of a work and the photographer's struggle with them, punctuating his imagery with cinematic references and colours typical of Polaroid photography.
Spectacle and stylistic unity are paramount.
His work truly deserve recognition.

I’ve recently developed a sort of callous indifference towards the torrent of style/fashion bloggers that are furtively infiltrating my daily blog routine. I’m over the so-called fashion bloggers who merely post pictures of themselves in various “cool” outfits and overexcited sentences consisting essentially of the words “rad”, “sick”, “like” and “awesome”. The prospect of looking at more blogs of this kind is about as appealing as going to Top Shop on a Saturday afternoon! It is clear to me that only a few girls are capable of perfectly mastering the art of outfit posts, always managing to express in full their passion and involvement, showing us incredibly convincing and individual adaptations of fashion as it is seen on the catwalks and magazines. Their commanding strength comes from their extraordinary fashion knowledge and their concoctions of inspiring clothes, photography, settings, unique style and beauty. Starting from today, I will try to overlook the legion of particularly unappealing style bloggers and continue to let Jane, Rumi and The Glamourai cast their magic spell over me.

All pictures courtesy of Neil Krug

Picture 3
Picture 1
Picture 4
Picture 5


Mo said...

gr8 images! is that giselle? looks like her

<3 ing them


Anonymous said...

Je me demande vraiment qui a bien pu te donner cette idée du "going to Topshop on a saturday afternoon"? hahaha! J'suis trop conne putain...

holierthannow said...

a few things

1. love neil krug too, it's a good bandwagon to be on

2. feel you on the personal style blogs- this is why you NEVER see me doing an outfit post - but ... i do have some blogs you might not frequent yet that could fill your newly empty slots on bloglovin'




(she has the best grown up personal style of any of them -- you have to admit the slashed dresses and denim shorts get old, even on Rumi)




Maybe you know some or all of these - in any case, they are some of my favorites. I do get very sick of the 4th & Bleeker look - as talented and beauty as they all may be ... and it's interesting because the personal style posters in the above list are all either OLDER than about 22-24 or younger (in the case of stylish wanderer who is 13!!)

3. when in doubt, go WAY back. remember where all the inspiration for Neil Krug et al came from!


this is defunct but the few pages that exist are worth it

and i just did a post on John Rawlings


Sorry for the long comment ... haven't commented in a while so HI! and hope you find some new inspiration herein.

xo holier

pennerad said...

rats. will have to step my game up it seems. finally, a blogger with DEMANDS. i like it. i agree on the boring bloggers though. it's getting a bit redundant out there.

E.K. said...

okay 2 things:

1. The first part of your post was beautifully written.

2. I couldn't agree more about "fashion" bloggers.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to buy his book! Beautiful pictures!!!

laurakitty said...

A yet another who is totally captivated by Neil Krug's work, I loved your post- beautifully written. I've been meaning to write a post on him but I think I'll probably put in on the back burner for now, regardless of how much I enjoy sitting for hours going through his photos.

I agree for the most part with what you say about fashion bloggers, yet I'm not a huge fan of any of those girls you mentioned- I find Rumi's style incredibly boring, though I do think The Glamourai has some good ideas. I personally try to stay away from any blogs where people post outfits, but I think it is amazing the level of publicity these girls have been able to attract.

Anna G said...

I also posted about Neil Krug, because I had one of his photos saved and wondered about who took it.

lux said...

his work is beautiful .. very inspiring

Anonymous said...

i love him to.

lulu said...

It's unfortunate you feel this way J.

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