I thought I’d post some pictures of the two days I spent in Geneva at the beginning of June. I always enjoy Switzerland and its superbly atmospheric countryside, poetic landscapes, wonderful lakes and ghostly towns (at night).


All pictures are mine


laurakitty said...

Aww, beautiful. I miss Geneva so much- my father is from there and much of my family is still there, yet I haven't gone in two years. I'm planning a trip for November or December when it is definitely not at its prettiest (summer wins for that) but it always such a nice place to visit.

agathine said...

oh it's nice to see pictures of my country ! I'm doing my studies in Geneva, and I have to say, your pictures are really beautiful!

PEPPER!!!!! said...

wow the fotos sent shivers thru my bones...the richness and old architecture reminded me of Cuba a bit...wonderful post

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Haunting indeed.

E.K. said...

I love the photos, the hallway pic is really something amazing.

Mona said...

These are such beautiful photos! Can I ask what camera you use?

bri. said...

i spent a few weeks in geneva and i felt like i was in another planet. i loved just walking through the little alleys. it was like a fairytale.


If Jane said...

nice photos...really.

Ashley said...

Switzerland is so beautiful and picturesque. Love your photos..they make me want to go back.

modediktat said...

Amazing pictures of Geneva. Some years ago my former boyfrined was living there and so I've visited Geneva the first time. Years later I've visited for business. Geneva is very lovely and I'm always happy to have a chance to be there.

Anonymous said...

Mmh, I'll be there in a few days, back to the Alps.. loving the pictures, and the colours. The rich atmosphere reminds me of a film.. You are a truely gifted photographer.

Alize x

broadcast.poulet said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. i love the way you look at things. so inspiring & beautiful.
hope you are well.

Raez said...

thanks girl! these photos are absolutely wonderful too, so proffessional:) and great blog music!

xx raez

kim said...

Oulalala, la vieille enseigne Vögele! Les rues sont sublimes et tes couleurs les magnifient!

Ai Mei said...

Oh this reminds me of 2006 when I was bagpacking around Switzerland. Great pics and hello from Asia!

l'embrouillamini said...

Your photography is amazing. You might get asked this a gazillion times, but what camera do you use?


ayura said...

Wow these photos are amazing!! The first two rows are specially fantastic.
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joshylola said...

Fantastic blog, lovely pictures :-D

umasnotas said...

miss, miss, miss this lovely city...

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