I haven’t written anything on the blog for a substantial stretch of time and the reason is that rewarding fashion subjects have been missing from my life. The month of August is a slow movement in fashion terms, lightly punctuated by news of September and future events. I’ve been waiting for the specific detail which will keep the story alive but the territory has been seriously lacking in fulfilling editorials, news and style. Unsatisfied by the current fashion landscape, I’ve been buying a small selection of wonderful magazines including the latest Encens and Paradis, which are like a firework of tantalizing images, and reading many books. The fascinating Oncle Dan by Jean-Marie Périer (thank you Géraldine for the recommendation) stands out from the list. I’m waiting for the magic to explode again in September and looking forward to watching R. J. Cutler’s “The September Issue”. I read Cathy Horyn’s memorable and provocative piece in the New York Times: I liked the openly contemptuous and humorous tone of the article, an overt invitation to her readers to think about the magazine business and whether or not the film brings to life a substantial presentation of the making of a magazine. Her commentary regarding the irresistible and charismatic Grace Coddington definitely made an impact on me and I cannot wait to see her in action, confronted with the inadequacy of Anna Wintour to be more than just intimidating, a parody of herself.
I’m also in the process of reorganizing my daily blog reads, a painful effort considering that I have around 50 links. Some have become meaningless and others simply don’t exist anymore. I want to create an artfully arranged collection which will be divided into categories (pure fashion, fashion photography, lifestyle, fashion journalism and finally the inevitable style/look blogs in any language as long as its pretty incredible). I welcome any suggestions!
I love these pictures of Kristen McMenamy taken by her husband Miles Aldridge for Paradis Magazine issue 5. The result is a performance which makes their relationship seem pretty incredible. I like the naturalistic marital comfort zone which gives the photos a pulse of real life despite the obscure and vaguely menacing artist studio setting with its weird colours.

All pictures courtesy of Paradis Magazine
Issue 5, Kristen by Miles Aldridge




Antonio Barros said...

Amazing pictures!!!

the singular

Luxe. said...

These are really beautiful pictures.x

kim said...

Elle a un peu des abdos d'enfer en plus d'être splendide... C'est déjà pas ma copine :-)

Sinon organiser ses liens et tout ça, je te souhaite plein de courage! Moi ça me donne mal à la tête quand je pense aux miens.

laurakitty said...

I find her beauty so striking, and it's wonderful to see his aesthetic used in a less kitschy way. I would love to see how they interact together in real life- I've heard wonderful things about him, and some less than glowing things about her, but I'd like to think the best of them.

leeselooks said...

ah. you are just the SWEETEST.

i hear you on august being a slow month...

but i can ALWAYS count on you for inspiration.

sending all my love your way.


June Paski said...

great editorial!


Anonymous said...

there you are! you were missed!

it's so lovely to see so much of kristen mc menamy lately. she truly does possess an otherworldly quality that i adore.

p.s. send me pics of your kitty cat!!!

A La Mode said...

I love that dress in the bottom picture! Absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

Top your blog
Just a look mine

Anonymous said...

You know, I only just came across your blog recently and already it's one of my favourites. It has so much more depth than so many other fashion blogs out there.

My blog falls in to none of the categories you mention (as I know next to nothing about fashion), but it is blogs like yours that make me want to dive in, learn more and develop more of the artistic elements of blogging.

Laetitia said...

Kirsten, mon mannequin préféré de tous les temps!!!

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