Felder Felder

It’s almost impossible to read any fashion articles at the moment on the web, magazines, newspapers or even Twitter without coming across a reference to the upcoming fashion weeks. This present and dominant enthusiasm is putting several of my friends under terminal stress and I have been informed that they intend to quit the fashion industry as soon as possible (I hear this invariably several times a year while they’re sprinting urgently from London to Milan, Paris and New York). This frenzy has always eluded my sister. She is beautiful, clever and independent and has been blessed with a complete absence of fashion obsession. She always trusts her instincts when it comes to dressing her body and her clothing aspirations have always been beyond trends. She periodically questions my own personal style with a mischievous smile explaining that she thinks I have once again foolishly succumbed to yet another fleeting fashion moment. Can you imagine my surprise when my most biting critique suddenly announced that she would be attending shows at both London and Paris Fashion Weeks? I would have been less shocked if she had told me that she was reconnecting with her kitchen and growing comestibles (she never cooks). In the past couple of months, I’ve suddenly found myself discussing with intensity The September Issue, fashion features in RUSSH and Encens as well as Olivier Zahm (whom she refers to as “the pervert”). This is a new experience for me, an absolute revelation! She came round a few days ago and enthusiastically told me that she had met one of the designers of Felder Felder through a good friend and was going for dinner with her at the weekend. I felt like I was playing a lead role in a perfect comedy. My sister works in finances not fashion. Felder Felder is a brand I’ve always loved: it projects a pure rock n’roll attitude combined with exquisite construction and detailing. The twins behind the Felder Felder name seem to create clothes alive in the purity of their beliefs. Their genuine rock aesthetics is used to good effect in their pieces, accessories and textiles/materials used. They’ve deliberately introduced softer tones in their Spring/Summer 2009 collection but I expect that echoes of the original rock chick theme will soon be recreated instead of sucked down into the fashion oubliette. I can’t resist the lure of their sophisticated rock clothes!
I still have to get used to having my sister meddling with everything I say on this blog, her comments seem to flow freely these days… Hahaha

All pictures courtesy of Felder Felder