Rick Owens

I have often toyed with the idea of writing about furniture and there’s something about a designer doing fashion and objects that thrills me to the core. Rick Owens is part of that small tribe of people who is successful at both (funnily enough I’m not referring to Versace, Armani or Ralph Lauren) and is crazy enough to draw on his fascination with raw and primitive arts to create surprising, unlikely and beautiful chairs, sofas, tables and lamps made from antlers, plywood, marble, shearling, bone, concrete and fisher fur. His furniture is a testament to what can be achieved away from the tyranny of marketing and commercialism. Samples have recently been on display at Sebastian + Barquet in London and did not disappoint me. They seem to reflect an impressive quiet energy while remaining quite brutal and naturalistic. While until now I had only been vaguely aware of Rick Owens’ interest in furniture I have been completely seduced by his bold, skilful, dark and out of the ordinary pieces. The show at Sebastian + Barquet runs until Wednesday 30th September.
Pictures courtesy of Wallpaper and Taschen

Owens 3