Meet Quincy Jones. The cat in my life.
From the moment he came home with us, with his unimaginable capacity for theatrical performances (he has fallen in the loo once, plays with his Waitrose plastic bag constantly, loves his laser mouse and thinks that a foam bath is overwhelmingly funny), his “lyrical” voice and enormous variety of sounds, his exceptional beauty, essential energy and big paws, we were both hooked. He has the ability to engage with everyone he meets and will amuse his audience with his extravagant poses, rabbit ears, easy grace and huge eyes.
His winning personality has even inspired my husband to create a visually stunning character using his distinctive collage style. In his own hybrid language of pop, poetry, popular culture and self-confident fantasy Mat is making a direct reference to the Quincy Jones song “The Dude”. I like the romanticism of this piece and I love the fact that Quincy comes across as some sort of stylish musician dandy, giving us a glimpse of the mythical elegance of a vanished time. In his little collage laboratory, Mat has successfully created a celebration of our cat’s soul!

Image courtesy of Mat Maitland

The Dude


Mademoiselle Robot ❤ said...

I would like this as a giant poster OR printed on a tee-shirt please.
This is the best thing EVER.
Je te surkiffe, et pour le coup je donne un peu de mon surkiffage a Mat et a Quincy.

leeselooks said...


what a gem.

too sweet.

thanks for all your love beauty.
getting back to you!!!

loves to you


Thalia said...

i love my cat as well!!! and i absolutely love the collage of Quincy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

best collage EVER. is he so talented that he can make smoke come out of his right ear?!?!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!Comme Mademoiselle Robot, je veux un méga poster de Quincy!

En tout cas, ton mari et toi êtes complètement petés!.CONGRATS!

E.K. said...

Oh man this is good! We have a Virgin Mary tattoo style watercolor of our dog on the wall. A good friend painted it.

Michelle Gabrielle said...

Haha . This is great. Very odd but cool.


roxy B said...

this is AWESOME!

Marion C. said...

Votre chat se sape drollement bien. Je suis sure que c'est du sur mesure. Il me fait penser à George Clooney.

Ann said...

love that song, it creates really sweet atmosphere. and love that smocat

Iheartfashion said...

What a fantastic cat!
Your husband's work is gorgeous.

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