Something from the weekend

I enjoyed the autumn sunshine in London and celebrated by wearing my favourite pair of Wolford Merino wool tights (although I have to confess that my joy soured at the sight of Sofia’s romantic black lacy version, the more I think about it the more I realise that I will have to find a pair too. The girl has style!).
Amazon is revolutionary and I will continue to sing its praises: I ordered the last book in the Stieg Larsson trilogy on Friday morning and received it the next day. I would recommend his books to anyone looking for a good Swedish thriller. Larsson energetically and skilfully writes puzzles of emotion, mystery, absorbing intrigues and bizarre romance. My husband complained that conversation with me was non-existent when I read the first two (it is also true that I forgot to cook one evening)!
I watched “Une femme est une femme” for the first time and loved the extremely beautiful and sensuous Anna Karina. Got sucked into the insane series 3 of The Shield (obsessed). Went to Alfies market looking for lights, desperately boring, even Vincenzo Caffarella left me skeptical (prices) and unenthusiastic. Hours of fun, unimaginable and naughty Sunday gossip with my adorable and wonderful N.
The quiet life.



Le Club Du Style said...

Il faut vraiment que je voie ce film de JLG, je l'ajoute à ma liste.

As-tu entendu parler de l'exposition des films de Guy Bourdin au Bon Marché ? J'y ai fait un tour dimanche pour l'inauguration et c'était assez magique de découvrir ces images pour moi inédites (même si je ressens toujours une certaine méfiance pour les expos organisées par les grands magasins).

London Attitude said...

Alfie Market is amazing, love it! Have you seen the hairdresser based on the building, crazy place!

liza said...

weird. i just posted about that film on my blog and ALSO read the first 2 Larsson books and am eagerly awaiting the third.

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