For the past three weeks I have been too busy to blog and it has been quite an eye-opener. Before embarking on the job of creating July Stars, I thought I would simply take the advantage of new technology to regularly share my thoughts on everything I find interesting in the fashion world. This was in theory a great idea but has turned out to be a risky enterprise. I love to write and I have a tendency to concentrate on words. I also love fashion but it’s a language that can become stale extremely quickly. My problem is that combining both is a long process, especially since an increase in quality definitely does not mean an increase in quantity! My sister keeps telling me that this is a shit strategy if I intend on gaining more readers and I guess she’s right. Despite my driving determination to write four times a week or more life and work always get in the way. I sometimes ask myself why it is so important to have a well-formulated direction and increase readership when you have a blog but I still don’t have the answer. I find it liberating to write only when I feel like it (and have the time) but people automatically assume that your engagement should result in daily material. I promise I’ll try.
Swide, the online Dolce & Gabbana magazine, recently published an interview I did with them. You can read it here: SWIDE
Thank you to the lovely Kerry!

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Glove Slap said...

I don't want to get in the way of your having more traffic, but what's so important about that? You are producing something of very high quality-- and I'm not just licking you; when I saw your site, I thought it was part of a print publication, or that you must work for one, that you must be a "professional", not "just a blogger"-- I even assumed you were older than you are, because of your intellectual and aesthetic sophistication. (Nothing wrong with being "just a blogger", either.)

How about doing what gives you pleasure and satisfaction? And continuing to focus on the quality over quantity? It seems to me that no matter what you're trying to accomplish, a little high-quality work is better than a lot of second-rate stuff that you might be forced to crank out.

Glove Slap said...

Oh, and this is not why I commented, but it seems to me like the way to get more readers is to comment on other people's blogs a lot and get them to link you.

And also to tag your stories with every tag you can think of that would point people to your post.

E.K. said...

I used to stress over blogging daily because people follow more when it's consistent. It burnt me out and I realized I'm not blogging for followers. I blog for me and I'll blog when I feel like it.

I like your blog a lot and I love that you take the time to really say something. Don't change a thing!

hiromix said...

wow, congrats~ you are doing a great job frequently~!!! x


Hi July, I got to know you the other day thanks to Swide Magazine, and I'm loving your website!

Link me, follow me
@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

Kiki said...

I saw the Swide Q&A the other day, congrats! I'm always interested in reading your posts so please keep them coming, just don't worry about their frequency! It's the quality of what you write that matters. x

July Stars said...

Glove slap: Thank you so much for your comment. I would tend to agree with you wholeheartedly but sometimes feel that worrying about readership numbers becomes inevitable once you've been in the blog bubble for over a year. It can be satisfying knowing that more people are interested!

E.K.: It's been such a long time, I hope your wife and baby are doing well! Thanks for sharing your opinion on the subject. I don't think that I will be changing anything now that you've told me not to!

Hiromix: Hey, thanks for the sweet comment!

Maison Chaplin:Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I'm going to check out your website now...

Kiki: Hi Kiki, thank you for commenting and the support! I just had a quick look at your blog and really liked it. I'll definitely come back!

Le Kutz said...

I have never, ever read a fashion writer as I read you -- more like I devour you, creepiness aside, you offer such an absolute different reading experience as to be in your own category altogether. Especially in fashion, which appears to be fatally afflicted with people who either can't write, love fashion for all the wrong reasons, those who just don't 'feel' fashion like a physical being, with a life force and a pulse.

Intellectual fashion writing? Too often an oxymoron.

It's such a rare experience to read someone's words where you are struck, boom! contact, "wait, what, YES! THIS!"

Sally Singer eat your heart out babe, you ain't got diddly freakin squat comparatively.


keep on keepin' on doe eyed fashion madame

Anonymous said...
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Kiki said...

Thank you and please do! x

Jessica Cangiano said...

It is my steadfast belief that if one is blogging for the sake of joy (that is to say they're not using said blog as their primary means of generating income - which could still be a joyful experience, too), you have every right to blog as little or as much as your heart desires. Your blog is just that, your own, and should it begin to feel like a tedious chore or a harsh taskmaster, it stands to reason that in no time at all, you will grow to resent and/or dislike the very thing you created with high hopes and a happy heart, because it now feels like a job, not a hobby/pleasant pastime.

Thank you very much for your visit, dear, I hope that you're able to find the blogging balance you seek.

♥ Jessica

Isabel said...

Congrats on the feature!

I have to say that not blogging can be very very cleansing. It gets sort of stressful just to 'keep up' at times, but if you're not thinking about that - that's when blogging can become a true pleasure.

Sabine said...

I so agree with all the comments - blogging should be fun, you are a great writer, but/and sometimes its hard not to be eaten up by your own expectations what/how much you should produce. The bog suddenly became this HUNGRY, HUNGRY BIRD...

Anonymous said...

Your doing an amazing job. Whatever your doing is working.

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