Wendy Bevan

I always imagine Wendy Bevan to be a beautiful woman with a spirited personality. As a photographer and participator in the thick of London avant-garde life, her diaries would be full of interesting details and surrealist stories. Her printed work always gives a vivid sense of what Bevan’s sensuous, dark, chimerical and exotic life might be. The effect is compelling. Her themes are often dreamlike women depicted like quietly magnificent paintings imbued with a sense of gently haunting magic. The atmospheric colours and photographic techniques of her fashion stories are growing to be more pronounced, scenes transfigured by a richly poetical imagination and a quirky humour. Her visions can sometimes be tough but they’re always filled with a certain tenderness and intriguing melancholy for times past. I know I’ve talked about Wendy Bevan recently. I normally try to bring the fresh intensities of first lust to this blog but I think I’m becoming a devoted fan. I’ve looked at her past shoots for Pop, Grey, Muse, Italian Marie-Claire, Lula, the Financial Times and Vogue Russia: it feels like she constantly raises the senses with her stimulating fashion images, revealing a touching vulnerability and the occasional hint of ordinariness that comes as a surprise. At first glance, there is always the inevitable celebration of nostalgia and eccentricity but look closer and you’ll discover a seamless kaleidoscope of ideas based on the fusion of classical photographic compositions, colours and a contemporary subtle sensuality reminiscent of Paolo Roversi.
Apart from looking at fashion photography, I’ve also been confronting my passion for Japanese food head on. Last Saturday, I was treated to dinner at Umu, a Kyoto style Michelin star restaurant in Mayfair. The food was ridiculously delicious (apart from my prawn tempura, the batter was a little too thick) and the flavours wonderful. Had it not been for the prices, I would have indulged in more dishes until the table was no longer visible! Crazy excesses… I hope to renew the experience soon but in the meantime my local, Jin Kichi, will have to do.

All pictures courtesy of Wendy Bevan



Anna Marie said...

thanks for doing this post about wendy bevan, it's nice to hear someone flesh out the ideas behind her brilliant photography.

ed hardy said...

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Tiffany said...

Great article.

Anonymous said...

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sarah nicole said...

if you love japanese food, you live for the food posts on luxirare.com, yes?

i'm into your blog

elle said...

breathtaking photos ... I love finding out about new and talented photgraphers

- said...

thanks so much for featuring wendy's work, her images are so inspiring and every woman looks like she is the muse of some ingenious yet insane starving artist. i love it!

p_courtney said...

Wendy bevan - Efffortless beauty.

i think that sums her up.


Patrick L.H. Courtney

My writings on Food Fashion and Art.

Meg said...

Lovely collage work, thank you...xo

gene doe said...

Wendy Bevan is such a talented photographer, happy to see you post her work.


Anonymous said...

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marii said...

I love her pics!!!

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