A fashion affair

Today WWD announced that Sharon Wauchob had been named creative director of Edun. My first reaction was to laugh and think that there had been a mistake, a fundamental misunderstanding. Wauchob is a designer with ambition. She has travelled the fashion ladder slowly but in the past couple of years it has become clear that she could fight her corner with strength and excellence. Her spring 2010 collection was beautiful and embraced a dark romanticism with its skilful embroidered lace, silk and slouchy drapes. I question the logic of these two names joining forces, they’re lengths apart. It is predictable from the Edun angle and definitely suits its agenda but it’s a somewhat unpredictable move for Wauchob. Edun is more about slightly boring ecological and sustainable clothing than inspiring contemporary style, a sort of social experiment with no edge that has not been much in evidence on the hard terrain of the fashion world. Is Wauchob the saviour?



fashionaddict said...

I don't know much about Sharon Wauchob, but she can only help to add a sense of design identity to Edun, which has always been more about its "mission statement".

Her work looks wonderful, distinct and intricate. Actually, her style might suit Danish label Noir (which also has a sustainable mission) better.

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Anonymous said...

looooove that blazer on the left. wow.


lekisskiss.blogspot.com <-- texas gal bloggin fashion from nyc!

VLM said...

I do agree that in terms of desing, Edun does not have much to offer, to say the least.

Nevertheless I do admire their effort to create a brand based not only on Green Principles (which honestly seems to be everywhere)but they consider the human factor in the equation (which seems that nobody really cares about).

I never heard of Wauchob but the pictures you posted are so beautiful. I hope the adding of this talent help to renovate Edun and bring the clothes the lacking element of great desing.

lb said...

I don't know anything about Wauchob-- but maybe it makes sense from her point of view to take on this role at Edun as a sort of tabula rasa. Total creative freedom? Hopefully, anyway.


These dresses are gorgeous. I'd wear any one in a heartbeat. I surely hope she's the savior for Edun. That could be really interesting, if it works out. Lauren

Anonymous said...

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Jessica said...

i don't know much about both of these designers, but i'm LOVING what i'm seeing on this post! This collection is amazing ♥

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