Journal Standard Luxe

My appetite for fashion was satisfied last week. Where? In Paris. A paradox in my mind since I see this city as one of the most romantic places in the world, populated by effortlessly beautiful girls with whom you could fall in love at first sight, hauntingly perfect architecture, food that thrills me, good old-fashioned cafes with obscure corners and the best jazz clubs but a somewhat homogenous street style. I always admire the aesthetics of the French. They always manage to look mysterious and elegant with logical fluidity but there is often an ingredient missing: a touch of individuality, cool unevenness and bold ideas. I spend a lot of time in Paris and felt incredibly lucky when I discovered the Journal Standard Luxe boutique at 10-12 Rue de Montpensier. The Japanese brand, which opened its first shop in the capital three months ago, captures a very different mood and contrasts with the other boutiques in the area (Acne, Colette, Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens, Kitsuné and the luxury names dotting Rue Saint-Honoré). The autumn winter collection maintains a hearteningly high standard and is infused with a discreet “workwear” charm I couldn’t help admiring. The room was filled with amazing pieces and a wonderful array of textures from denim to cashmere. The colour palette is exquisite and subtle varying from beige, browns, bluey-grey, fawn, white, creams and the most incredible vintage denim blue wash. I didn’t have time to ask the rep office what exactly is the concept at the root of this quirky brand but its delicate sensibility immediately seduced me. The people behind Journal Standard Luxe have made something unusual and extremely cool. The selection captivated me and I wondered whether I could justify buying a pair of dungarees, oversized boyfriend jeans, a hat, hooded sweatshirt and poncho. The answer was no since I had already purchased a pair of Pierre Hardy wedges, APC gladiator shoes and a fur coat but I still came out with the most amazing light-washed denim shirt. The quality is quite frankly superior to a lot of other brands out there at the moment but then again you wouldn’t expect less from a Japanese brand used to catering for its own demanding market. I’m still intrigued as to why the brand chose Paris for its first European venture instead of London, a place where Journal Standard Luxe would immediately be well received and successful, but the location in Palais Royal is ravishing. I have to thank the wonderful Mina and Noriko for answering my incessant questions and the lovely Keiko for letting me take a picture of her!
PS: the catalogues are stunning but available in limited editions only.
Journal Standard Luxe, 11-12 Galerie de Montpensier, 75001 Paris

All pictures in the collage are mine.
All other pictures courtesy of Journal Standard Luxe.






Ikemba and Melodie said...

This is so amazing. Every single picture and piece is so amazing. Thanks for sharing your ideas on Parisian style because we over here in the states get only a couple views on it. This is one of the best blogs on the internet.

Anonymous said...

jaja! happy new year, lovely! thanks for this fantastic post - i love how you're always turning me on to the most amazing things. this reminds me of ralph lauren mixed with a.p.c. mixed with the relaxed, lux style of isabel marant. love it!

K. said...

Bonne année!
Pour ma part, les filles à Paris m'ont fortement déçue. Peut-être que j'en attendais de trop... Sinon oui, cette rue, elle est juste à se damner. Si j'y retourne, j'irai faire un tour dans ce magasin. Ca m'a l'air d'être un savant mélange de créativité et de qualité tout ça.

Kiki said...

Aways excited to see a new post on your blog and this one is really great, thanks for introducing me to this label! I have to say I hadn't heard of it before but will definitely visit the store on my next Paris trip. Happy New Year too x

If Jane said...

....uuu nice find. lucky you to have been in paris now...(lthough the weather...)

Anna Marie said...

it's always pretty thrilling when you find a place that speaks to your personal style so well.. i would take one of everything!

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Here's a little bit more information for you! Journal Standard Luxe is part of Baycrew's, a company that operates many stores and manufacture their own brands. Journal Standard Luxe is the newer, higher-end version of Journal Standard which has been going on for many years. Both have a sort of natural, worn-in aesthetic, I guess Paris is their spiritual home. In Journal Standard Luxe stores in Tokyo, they also stock brands like Universal Utility and Daniela Gregis. I'm even more excited about visiting their Paris store now after seeing your pictures!

Mo said...

lovely photos yet again <3 i'm back, stop by and say hello again <3

St Petersburg accident lawyer said...

I love the boy-ish looks. I'm very into motorcycle boots and loose clothing nowadays. These pieces are all wonderful.

ashford said...

i approve of this fashion!

fashionaddict said...

I can't wait to visit this place if I find myself in Paris or Japan, the boutique looks like the sort of place I can linger for ages. It is so hard to find such deceptively simple things of amazing quality as you've described it, and prices seem reasonable enough too. Thanks for sharing!

anon said...

the style feels very american west. like a beautiful, rustic ralph lauren.

broadcast.poulet said...

ah! SO lovely, this looks like my dream label, what a great addition to parisian style... i do wonder how they are received in paris, but i can't imagine it not being loved.

jaja, the only bad thing about your blog is that you make me want to buy plane tickets! ;)
bisous xx

Anonymous said...

Love it as well.

Anonymous said...

hi, i was lead to this post via thisisnaive.
this is the best news i've heard in a while. oh joy! we're going this summer and journal standard is going to the top of my list!

The Browns said...

obsessed! thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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isabelle said...

Oh thank you ! I didn't know that label !!!! I note the adress!
By the way: your blog is GREAT !

Anonymous said...

truly a great blog.

christine xx

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