Wendy Bevan

I’ve often wondered what it is that makes Wendy Bevan such a wonderful fashion photographer. I came across her short film “Starless Night” this morning on Test and once again fell madly in love with her searching and melancholic style. Her work is a form of poetic theatre filled with passages of breathtaking eloquence. The choreographic layout is inspirational. A concoction of dancing, silent movie mime scenes and circus-like movements. I watched it several times and the hypnotic and seemingly seamless flow of arabesques felt magical viewing after viewing. It’s a spectacle of pure pleasure, evoking a bygone era in which the notion of dramatic unity and stylistic consistency was paramount. An exotic-scented fairy tale. It’s difficult to express the true essence of this film into words. Watch it. It deserves an ovation!
Oh, and the haunting tune accompanying “Starless Night” is interpreted by Wendy Bevan herself!

Click here to watch the film: Starless Night

Film and images by Wendy Bevan courtesy of Test




Boberika said...

Amazing pics!

eliska.h said...

beautiful shots♥