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Thanks to my girls at Wow for this and to Mat for taking the pictures!
Picture 1
Picture 3
Picture 2


Amanda said...

thankyou for sharing, this was such interesting reading, it's cool to get a bit of a behind the scenes on what inspires people!! I'm an artist and I've just started a blog that's a little bit different, please drop by sometime..


elke said...

these are so gorgeous!

your blog is lovely (:

stop by mine sometime?


carling said...

amazing blog!

Come follow me:


Anonymous said...

you're beautiful! can't wait until we cross paths one day soon. ; )

STEFANIE said...

Ah, I didn't know you were from Luxembourg! :) Lovely pictures, great read!

Anonymous said...

congratulations! :)
Your blog is fantastic...
- Matea

tea and cactus said...

lovely to see you lovely to read a bit of you
(the jacket!)

broadcast.poulet said...

jaja, you're so beautiful. great pics! this is exciting.

tea and cactus said...

lovely photos
lovely to read of you
lovely song
strong lovely you on lovely photos

(the jacket!)
Bisous from a beautiful morning in Vancouver

Annamari said...

Love the colours in the pics! :)

rebelbellevintage said...

I love your style, the leather jacket is incredible. You would look so cute in some of my vintage pieces, I wish I lived in Europe so you could model for me!


yuki said...

Your blog is so stylish. Photos on your blog is so beautiful. XO

Anonymous said...

Your photography is lovely. Can't wait to see more!