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When Sanna Berger asked me to write a piece for the latest issue of Tourist Magazine it was impossible to resist. And encouraging me to write about Apartamento was an effective way to get me involved! I've been a fan of Tourist since it first emerged on the Internet. I love its visual and journalistic rhythm. It is beautifully created and curated but more importantly incredibly exciting, thought-provoking. It captures the essence of the less mainstream contemporary culture and looks at photography, fashion, art, music and words to stimulate the reader. Go here to see the latest issue.
PS: A must read is the interview with Elein Fleiss, original co-founder of Purple magazine.

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tea and cactus said...

i enjoyed that a lot!
...yours, apartamento, tourist Magazine and Elein Fleiss interview a must read indeed!
merci x

Gaelle said...

Ah j'aime beaucoup Tourist Magazine, je l'avais decouvert par hasard via Another et j'y retourne souvent. Je vais de ce pas lire ton article.

Mary Ko. said...

love your blog. very cute and lots of useful information

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Is This Real Life? said...

Congrats such a fab article!