Crystal Lee

It used to madden me when I couldn’t update the blog as regularly as I would like and I frequently wished that I could swing the July Stars machine into action every day. My little book of ideas and things I want to talk about here is constantly growing but I’ve realised that whingeing will come to nothing. I have to point out that I have a day job. Despite my devotion to writing about fashion and photography it does not pay the bills! There are not enough hours in the day to both work and focus on the blog. I’ve simply been defeated. The heady early years are over and I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to radically reformat July Stars if I’m planning on continuing this little project without feeling the frustration and distance mount. I’ve reassessed my whole approach and the first option under consideration is to create a sort of diary: more visuals, short updates and the usual writing whenever possible. I think it’s the right choice and hope it won’t be an unpopular proposition.
In the last year I’ve been completely caught up in the atmosphere and stylistic choices made by Crystal Lee, a fascinating 31 year old girl from South California. I’ve genuinely thought about keeping her blog a secret because I enjoy it so much and regard it as my own personal source of inspiration but that would be terribly selfish of me! She’s an oddity among a sea of dull “style” endeavours. It’s extraordinarily difficult to find someone who can really play with clothes the way she does. The difference between her and the infinite number of other blogs showcasing clothes is that she’s equipped with a deep understanding of fashion history and is rescuing from the penumbra amazing vintage pieces with love and affection. Her posts are like collections of treasures with ample helpings of nostalgia. She definitely exercises a pulling power over me with her committed interest in vintage clothing, her efforts into showing us the underlying essence of California through her pictures, her sense of humour, her exquisite beauty and her regular dispatches. She’s been a resident of LA for 10 years now but distinguishes herself from the local clichés with her strong personality and individuality. And if she admits to sometimes following the language of shoots or runway shows she will only do it if it facilitates her own natural aesthetics. She’s clearly a no-nonsense kind of gal and I love her even more for it. I’m sure that one day she will achieve her dream of opening a vintage shop and will pack it with a captivating selection of fine pieces mixed with 80s skate and surf brands (Vision Street Wear is a brand which merits our attention in her opinion and I would have to completely agree with that)! In the meantime, I would urge you to visit her blog and enjoy it in all its glory!



Crystal Lee said...


Thank you for your very lovely and thoughtful write-up. I am truly flattered by your kind words. As far as your July Stars goes, I wouldn’t worry about pumping out content. There is a time & season for everything. When you have more time, you will find your swing again. Until then, enjoy life. Happy Spring!

Much Love,

Crystal Lee

Polley said...

Balance is important and I hope you find yours!

In the meantime, thank you for sharing this blog, her photos are certainly different than the average style blogger and that is refreshing. Lately I've been finding California bloggers interesting (could it be the nearness of Coachella?). So thank you!

Juliet said...

I can't wait to see more frequent posts from you!

Juliet xxx

Bliss Buffets said...

Thank you for sharing this. She is incredibly stylish and elegant, with a sense of fun to her styling- not too dissimilar to you I might add!

Anna Katharina said...

great pictures!! amazing style:)