Contax love

I've clearly become infatuated with my Contax. Five rolls developed last week.
Walking around London with a camera involves looking at surrounding fragments of every day life differently.
I like the oddly beguiling atmosphere of this skate park. Hope you enjoy these little scenes.
On another note: I wish I could remember what film I used!






Anonymous said...

it will say on the negatives!

Dianne said...

brilliant photos. I always forget what film I use as well, it drives me crazy!

sonny said...

like your first commenter said, if you look at your negative, near the sprocked holes, there will be a code, one will be the film company, Kodak, Fuji, whatever, and then a code of the Film type
hope that helps

July Stars said...

Anonymous (Victor is that you?): Oooops. I'm such a novice. I just looked at the negatives and there it was. Hahaha. Merci!

Dianne: Thank you, I'm glad you like them!

Sonny: You're right. Thank you so much for the info and help. I'm so new to all this but it's very exciting and fun...

Irina Pavlova said...

perfect photos.
i like film photos so much.special respect for you that you use film nowadays))