People sometimes ask me why I buy so many old books. My reply is always the same: I love the chaotic mishmash of second-hand bookshops, the element of surprise and excitement when you find a novel you like with a beautifully illustrated jacket cover. It's simple. There's nothing actually wrong with books purchased from giant chains (where else would you acquire the latest releases) but publications from the 30s up to the late 70s are like an alternative universe in terms of front covers. Frequently intriguing and interesting masterpieces. A strength lacking and neglected today. My husband has the same infectious habit but he collects records for their sleeves. Double vision!
I found this 1st edition copy of George Orwell's 1984 last week in East Finchley and couldn't help but grin when I saw the cover. The "Anti-Sex League" badge is amazing and the girl wearing it reminds me of a sexier version of Lix Storm in the TV series "The Hour".


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