Remember when summers in London were sunny and warm? No? I don't either. I'm fast becoming fanatically anti-UK. A momentary feeling which will disappear at some stage but at the moment the constant rain is enough ground to complain. And I refuse to budge on this. I will continue to lament the lack of sun until everyone is back at work. You won't deny me this pleasure! I've also developed an Instagram phobia: I do not want to see photos of friends looking like beautiful creatures, unsurprisingly healthy and tanned, enjoying glorious countryside sceneries for two months. In an attempt to attenuate my obsession with getting away, I thought I'd show you significant traces of my week in Normandie with Mat, Sally and Fred. Yeah, that doesn't work. I'm finding myself wishing I was back there. Now.








Crystal Lee said...

Love these photos! The last one is so tender. I have a solution to your bad weather blues: move to Cali!

pipilotti said...

infatuated with your your photography style...oh, the tree, the road..beautiful...Please, post more often.