Best Company by Olmes Carretti

I was thrilled to find this Best Company ad in one of Mat's old Interview magazines. The brand had a legion of fans in my school and as a kid I cherished the one sweatshirt I acquired from La Maison Moderne in Luxembourg, where I lived. I used to love Paninaro boys, Fiorucci, Invicta, Timberland and Burlington socks.
The iconic paisley print of this Best Company sweatshirt is so attractive. I would wear it immediately!
Paisley is definitely experiencing a revival. Isn't it funny how fashion is resisting evolution?
Not that it bothers me to see versions of past styles revised or expressed in a slightly different language. A new interpretation can be eye-catching and frequently better than the original.

Photo: Interview magazine April 1988



Camille said...

Best Company, Fiorucci, Invicta, Timberland and Burlington... Reminds me of the years growing up in Italy, yet I don't seem to remember our middle school crowd being particular well dressed, just well-branded.

joli brouillon said...

ahhh where is Memory Lane please?

lola is beauty said...

I distinctly remember borrowing my dad's Barbour and sunglasses and posing on, no not a moped, but my mum's mobility scooter in a pathetic Paninari attempt.
Yes I just admitted that on the internet.


A Norwegian said...

I hope you bought that sweater back in ´88 ?

Anonymous said...

Perfect for spring outfits with these Floral Shirts! Lovely!