Blogging hiatus over

After a two months absence from the virtual world it may seem like nothing much remains of this blog. It stands abandoned, like a memorial tree or a shrine to my previous passions!
I was in Paris for three weeks and spent the beginning of the year focusing on work and refurbishing our new flat in London. I have been engulfed in a world of decorating and only recently realised how much I was missing writing and sharing the things that inspire my soul. The sheer madness of creating a home is not over yet for myself and Mat. But we will be moving in soon and although nothing beats the buzz that precedes a new beginning, my romantic ardour for July Stars continues unabated. So, despite the tribulations associated with major renovations, I'm back and ready to pursue my Internet experiences...
If you use an iPhone you can now also follow me on Instagram. A mini revolution in my life. I've been obsessed with this app for months and post pictures almost on a daily basis. It is exciting stuff. A sort of photographic Twitter.

I took all the photos in Paris during the Christmas holiday.






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Tommy said...

"Welcome back!"