Marianna Rothen

I discovered photographer Marianna Rothen thanks to my lovely friend Stephanie from Tea and Cactus. A few weeks ago I was speculating anxiously on the possibilities of finding new fresh blood to talk about on the blog after realizing that I was succumbing to a state of mild boredom. I wanted to see memorable imagery, far from the mainstream repertoire, original and maybe a little bit subversive. Yesterday, I suddenly remembered about the prodigiously talented Marianna Rothen after seeing her on Tales of Endearment (as it turns out, she used to be a model). Not much fuss seems to have been made about her but I wouldn’t be surprised if she suddenly found herself championed by the fashion industry. Her series always feature women. They suggest the sixties/seventies and have something very cinematic about them: two influences that recur in her work almost constantly without ever compromising its innate individuality. Anyway, I think she deserves to be much better known and I recommend looking at her website, an eye-opener.

Mat and I went to see the Lucian Freud exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery on Sunday. I’m not too sure how I feel about the celebrated artist’s paintings. The huge expanses of flesh wrestling with knots and accumulations of pigment applied in a sort of muddy way make for highly unattractive and bizarre pictures!

All pictures courtesy of Marianna Rothen



Crystal Lee said...

I didn't even think to check out her photographs when I was introduced to her on Tales. Glad you've reminded me. Her work reminds me a bit of Wingate Paine. Do you think so?

welcome back to the blogging world. I've missed you.


Crystal Lee

tea said...

Ohhh Belle trouvaille! It's so nice to see/know more about her (L'appart, l'appart!!!)
I Love her work "Domesticated Woman" is fabulous.
Merci pour la trouvaille Lovely You x

joli brouillon said...

I love her work and I love your blog...