Pierre Le-Tan

Of all the art ventures that have sprung up in London recently, a show of Pierre Le-Tan’s drawings held in Dennis Severs’ House in East London may well be one of the most remarkable. When I first heard about the project, I imagined that it could quickly become a sort of artistic suicide: having visited the profoundly life-enhancing 18th century house on a previous occasion, I assumed that the spotlight would fall more surely on its contents. I challenge anyone to walk into 18 Folgate Street and not feel deeply affected by the magical light, soft sounds and particularly striking furniture. I questioned the success of such an odd project and wondered whether the building and its atmosphere would not loom too powerfully over Pierre Le-Tan’s work. Well, I need not have worried. The beautiful drawings have a serenity to them, linear panache and wonderfully original simplicity that make them simply strong enough to keep pace with the surroundings.

Pierre Le-Tan at the Dennis Severs House in collaboration with East of Mayfair

Photo: July Stars

I took more pictures of this show for Purple Diary. Click here to see all of them.



joanna said...

jaja! your photos are hauntingly beautiful. i'm in love!

lola is beauty said...

So beautiful! x