Grandma Cobrasnake!

Mark the Cobrasnake

Erin Wasson 

Alexander Wang

Todd Selby is a genius.
The cool photographer has created a peephole website: he has focused his lens on creative people in their intimate spaces. The result is a collection of unstyled and real home tours, a look into a rich array of interiors as dizzying as the diversity of the owners themselves.
I could spend hours exploring Selby's personal project. His website is seriously addictive and unexpected pleasure is gained from discovering the homes of trendy cutting edge movers and shakers.
He could change the the face of interior decoration magazines!

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Alice (ou Al) said...

I really like his work too! and I discovered the Oreo pizza with his pictures! ;)

RAQUEL said...

grat photos!((new blog))

khin oo may said...


Lady Melbourne said...

Oh thanks, I will be checking this out for sure- can't take my eyes off Grandma Cobrasnake!

Nakia said...

Hey, loving your blog.
Wanna link up?

And i especially like the Alexander Wang photo, definately checking out his site!

MJ said...

I am a Selby addict.

July Stars said...

Alice: The Oreo pizza is genius ... I love it!

Raquel: Check out his website, it's fascinating ...

Khin: I'm glad you like it!

Lady M: Grandma cobrasnake's apartment is incredible, I fell in love with it immediately (and check our grandpa Cobrasnake's home too)!

Nakia: Thanks for the lovely comment, I'm going to check out your blog today.

MJ: Selby fan club to be created!