Swedish fashion and in particular street styles are taking centre stage and generating constantly growing international media interest. Characterized by cutting-edge, sophisticated, bohemian and cool looks, Swedish fashion is a huge source of creativity and inspiration. Girls snapped by street fashion icons like The Sartorialist, The Facehunter or Stockholmstreetstyle always project a certain sharpness and slickness rarely seen in other parts of the world. Love, love, love ...

All pictures: Stockholmstreetstyle and The Sartorialist


a. said...

oh, the swedes.

the first is absolutely breathtaking. she is fabulous. thats exactly how i'll strive to look this autumn.

& the one with the umbrella is adorable. those shoes? gasp.

love, love, love, love, love (!!)


how are you by the way, darling? we havent chatted in ages!

Lisa said...

these are all perfect.

love the inspiration.

they look so beautiful + natural.

Mila said...

Wow, all of them are simply stunning...those Northern girls just got it right!

July Stars said...

a.: I've been so manic busy ... I'll have to send you an email before the end of the week to catch up!

Lisa: Swedish girls are always a huge source of inspiration!

Mila: Why do they always get it right???

white lightning said...

when i die i want to come back as a lithe blond swede with perfectly messy hair. amen.