acneThe last couple of days have been hectic ( = absence from my blog): my time was spent working long hours followed by an unexpected 2 hour appointment at the dentist for a root canal treatment. And in between these things I have been both captivated and petrified by the Roberto Saviano book "Gomorrah", a complex and powerful investigation of Neapolitan organized crime. No time for the fashion commune. I'm sure you all understand!
However, in my fashion no man's land, I still managed to notice that the new issue of Acne Paper is out. I was curious to see it. Created around one essential idea, Paper is a fashion and non-fashion read focused on linking together various disciplines of knowledge. It is a magazine that celebrates individuality and style. The newest issue is all about tradition and features an interview with the head of the guild of English Butlers, a tête-à-tête with Noam Chomsky, a spread devoted to Chanel, 20 pages of 15th century tapestries (including a superb story on Belgian tapestry manufacturer Yvan Maes), a piece on love and relationships by Nan Goldin and a fascinating article celebrating the 200 year old gun and rifle makers Purdey of London. The late nineties supermodel, Guinevere Van Seenus, is photographed by Daniel Jackson for the cover and a fashion spread. This is a rather unusual edition featuring a cast of subjects that are not entirely obvious. People who have nothing to do with the celebrity culture and consumerism that feeds most fashion publications.
The theme of issue 8 will be eroticism!

Photo: TFS


Personnal-Shopper said...

OMG, Love the cover !

ryder said...

interview with Noam Chomsky? i love him.
well, if the issue 8 will be about eroticsm...then u have my vote! :)
the cover is fab.! who is the model.

Kenza said...

La cover est magnifique

July Stars said...

Personnal Shopper: And I love your new hair style!

Ryder: The model is Guinevere Van Seenus

Kenza: Sublime cette cover, j'adore ...

Anonymous said...