Terry Richardson and Emmanuelle Alt go back to the money fevered eighties while the world around us crumbles under the weight of bankrupt banks, not quite suiting the moment, but revealing a certain contemporary urgency nonetheless.
I love how Terry Richardson has the freedom of mind and intensity to take the champagne and greed era and simply explore it.
Extremely stylised and nostalgic images that pay homage to red hot power dressing!

Clin d'oeil to my sister - Is this how you ride it? Hehe

All photos: Vogue Paris October 2008 - The Fashion Spot
Model: Erin Wasson




Lynn and Horst said...

very nice

July Stars said...

Lynn & Horst: You're super quick ... speedy Gonzalez!

MR style said...

i adre that spread as it"s simply perfect and sex

Orlando Collins said...

I LOVE these pictures! That reminds me, need to get ready for my midlife fashion crisis...

Kenza said...

Quelle serie incroyable !

stilettostetico said...

Alors c'est extrêmement "kitsch" mais OUI pour la "BOMBshellesque" Erin W et pour sa scintillante robe asymétrique , GLAMoureuse en Diabe(-esse) !!!!!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

Alice (ou Al) said...

funny, bling bling, sexy....

July Stars said...

Mr Style: Yes, it's definitely red hot sexy!

Orlando: Mid life crisis? How old are you? Hahaha

Kenza: How was London?

Stiletto: I don't think that this ed is "kitsch" as such but yes, it definitely oozes pure 80s glamour!

Alice: Londres approche a grand pas, are you looking forward to it? Bisous

Lisa said...

hi love!
thanks so much for your sweet comment.

I actually am Canadian (born in Canada :)) but my complete culture + heritage is Ukrainian.

and now I live in South Africa! I'm definitely all over the show.

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week.


Luxe. said...

I love these pics, she looks so...expensive!

TREND LAND said...

Erin est une meuf super cool, elle est pote avec une des publisher de notre Blog - Si tu l'aimes Tu devrais checker les photos dans son apart --->

Dotti said...


July Stars said...

Lisa: an international superstar!!!

Luxe: There's something quite vulgar in her "expensiveness" ... but I like it!

Trend land: J'ai vu les photos sur le site The Selby. J'aime beaucoup.

Dotti: Your comment made me laugh, what an interesting way of describing this shoot! I love it!

lisa said...

Erin is a-mazing!!!

Anonymous said...