Crossing the line from fashion to real life in pursuit of beauty ... if you know what I mean!
I leave you with the warm vibrancy of my holiday two weeks ago.


Alice (ou Al) said...

alors la je suis jalouse car tu as du avoir mega beau pdt tes vacances et chaud!!!! quand je pense que nous avons 8 petits degres le matin....

claire said...

I love that jumper too, shame i can't even afford it right now..

I love your blog! The layout is very refreshing.

I am going to link you so I don't forget to return :)

young-shields x

ps. wicked song

July Stars said...

Alice: Je pense encore a mes vacances, la douce chaleur de septembre dans le sud de la France ...

Claire: Such a cute jumper, quite vintage looking. I'm glad you like my blog and Dizzee, that song always makes me smile!