The fashion world is full of great names but some stand out more than others.
And Stefano Pilati showed yesterday that he truly deserves his title as the king of tailoring. The clothes were charged with Oriental promises, exquisitely cut and with a soft simplicity, they evoked a sense of nostalgia and grandeur of colonial times while at the same time offering a modernist yet classic Parisian look. The kimono style jackets are resolutely delicate and feminine, the blouses revealing matching bras are refined while the new trouser shapes have been pushed to a new level. Each piece is infused with a sort of muted sexiness. The colours are essentially neutral except for several shots of green and blood red (the sequined dress is simply incredible).
The metallic shoes reminiscent of cages added a touch of 'femme fatale' to the fluid collection and contrasted with the softness of the silhouettes.
Is this latest understated glamour related to the current poor economic situation? After all, the fashion industry too is dizzy in the face of the economic meltdown.
In any case, this is one of the strongest and most beautiful collections so far!

Photos: Style.com

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a. said...

at first glance i didnt care for the red dress, mabe because i could never ever pull off wearing anything red (clashes with my hair -hehe) but looking at it more - i quite like it.

amazing collection. ysl is always so good.