One of the pleasures of looking at fashion is sometimes discovering other industry players and objects of interest that are too often left in the shadows. Fashion photography is one of these subjects that should be studied. Last week I came across the images created by fashion photographer Nicholas Lawn on the Fashion Spot. I was riveted. Between dream world and reality, his use of colour/black & white, and his focus on portraits and land/cityscapes is inspirational. My impression is that this is someone who belongs on the pages of magazines like Lula and Jalouse.

I have tried finding more info about him but unsuccessfully. Has anyone seen his work in magazines?

All photos:


Alice (ou Al) said...

I don't know him but I like his work too! I think this is Coney island on the second picture!

Skumfidus said...

Wow these are amazing! I`ve never heard of him, but sure want to know more!

Anonymous said...

I haven't :(
But i bet he will soon, cause he is really good


Anonymous said...

He is Iekeliene Stange's boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

His work has been in a glamour fashion magazine