Camille Bidault-Waddington is one of my style icons. Not only is she a successful and influential stylist, she is actually able to sell a look with widespread appeal through sassy and easily translatable images (check out her collaboration with APC). She’s the kind of girl who can set the mood for a collection or a shoot and take seemingly small things (like a pair of shoes) to give an outfit enormous effect. She’s cutting edge and should be applauded for her directionalism, edge and sense of playfulness. Her unique and noteworthy style seems to rest on a sense of drama and humour through which she has gained her international reputation as well as editorial attention. I love the modern nostalgia she embodies so well. The general tone of her outfits is always charming and quirky, suggesting a drop of improvisation, vaguely reminiscent of the seventies or classic English roses. She has captured my heart.

Pictures: The Fashion Spot

15 comments: Maegan said...

wow. I love those pants!!!!

July Stars said...

Maegan: which ones? I have a soft spot for the pink ones in the last picture!

Maude said...

If I had to choose an idol, it would be her. She's a great stylist.

July Stars said...

Maude: I would say she's definitely one of the best around!

Anonymous said...

I love her pink pants, especially the one on the top, i like her very much.


love the last look!!

stacy said...

Waddington is beautiful

white lightning said...

love camille live for camille...want to make out with her husband. (oopsy)

Anonymous said...


bloody love CBW!!!

thesearchforchic said...

I LOVE Camille... she has such an unique style and is such a breath of fresh air.. I also find her immensly beautiful.
On top of having the perfect career-she is married to Jarvis!

July Stars said...

Maude: Snap ... 100% behind you on that one!

Theresa: She's such a cool lady!

Vanessa and Leire: I admire all her looks, she's a constant source of inspiration!

Stacy: She's beautiful and talented.

White Lightening: Ha, join the group of girls who love her husband and want to show him tricks he never knew existed!!!!

Sanna: I thought you'd share the Camille love!

The search for chic: Oh la la, as soon as I mention Camille the conversation diverges to Jarvis ... Mmmm

laia. said...


I so love to see her with Jarvis. So incredible those two.

Anonymous said...

am right there with you for style icon. and the fact that she is married to jarvis cocker is, well, the icing on the cake.

July Stars said...

Laia and Keepfeelingjoanna: I should a post on Jarvis Cocker, he seems to be able to get the girls in a real state! Hahaha

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