Today, we went to the ACNE boutique (on my list of places to visit while in Paris). I saw some great stuff but the men's pieces stood out. My boy found perfectly cut skinny jeans, rolled up chinos and a super sexy loose washed denim shirt. Aesthetically, the brand knows how to reinterpret a classic. Fabrics are good, designs are cool and cuts are flattering. With its lovely silhouettes and energetic looks, this is menswear at its best. It offers street credibility combined with reworked luxury elements.
As I mentioned yesterday, we decided to see the Jeff Koons exhibition.
We arrived at Versailles at around 12 pm. The queue to buy a ticket was long, 1 hour and 30 minutes long to be exact. In the snow and cold. I told my boy we weren't going to brave the elements for a Jeff Koons show unless we got in immediately. We queue jumped French style only to find out that there was another line (one hour this time) to actually get in. We made it inside in ten minutes upsetting a couple of Americans in the process. A warm contented feeling was finally taking over until I realized that things were not entirely different in front of the Jeff Koons pieces. The ever-present enormous throng of crowds gathered, blocking the passage from one room to another, tourists fighting to get through. The scene certainly recalled the slow dance of cattle being pushed together. The packed train back to Paris made me wonder whether it would have been better to explore the new Dries Van Noten shop instead!



Luce said...

aside from the bitch of a long line, thats so cool you got to see the exhibition! i remember seeing his "Puppy" at the Bilbao guggenheim when i was a kid.

MR style said...

i hope u'r havin a nice time in paris !

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

Ah it sounds great.
I just got back from Paris, and I miss it so much.
Have fun!!

deep_in_vogue said...

I wish I was in Paris.. I need to check how long this exhibition is going to last..

fashionaddict said...

Well at you got to see some of it :) Versailles sounds like a fantastic setting for Jeff Koons.

Blood Roses said...

ive just found your blog and i love it! keep up the amazing work :)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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