Hope you all had a lovely Christmas break!
I left the icy streets of Paris in the middle of a rare snowstorm (even the Eiffel Tower had to be closed after the entire city found itself covered in a thick white blanket). Our taxi driver complained about the deep winter chill from the 4th all the way to Gare du Nord while his old Mercedes skidded slowly in the snow. It was difficult to ignore his energetic monologue as he kept moving both his hands away from the steering wheel with vigorous and theatrical movements. I silently cursed and insulted him while the boy laughed. The delight of seeing Paris in so much snow was spoilt by this Frenchman exercising his tongue incessantly. But I know better than challenging the views of an irate Parisian taxi driver ...
And so, after trying to do as little as possible during my holiday, I am back in London with new ideas for July Stars and hopefully more extensive blogging!

Wearing my trusted Barbour, Etro scarf and Mulberry Bayswater tan bag

Jaja in the snow 2


Lisa said...

happy 09 beauty.

what an amazing picture.

love the etro.

it is too cold for words here!


50two said...

just found you blog, and i love it :)
the snow looks lovely. you do too by the way haha

him said...

it's all gone now.
the snow.

Anonymous said...

T'es une ptite poupée <3

July Stars said...

Lisa: Thank you lovely for the super sweet comment. You'd love the colours of the Etro scarf ...

50two: Hey, welcome to my blog and thank you for the very flattering comment! I'm going to check out your stuff later on today!

him: Love the images and writing on your blog! Thanks for stopping here and letting me know that there is no longer any snow in Paris - Hahahaha

sale gamine: Et toi tu es une p'tite poupee d'amour! Kiss

miss a. said...

The snow looks beauuuuutiful, but it does look extremely cold. I'm glad you were able to make it out, though! I LOVEEDDD Paris, too. I think everyone should live in Paris for at least six months in their lifetimes. There's so much to learn from the Parisian lifestyle.

She's Dressing Up said...

I'd love to see Paris in the snow. Amazing image!

Anonymous said...

hello, lovely blog! just wondering what your thoughts are on the bayswater; i'm about to turn 19 and am thinking of investing in my first wellmade, classic designer handbag... is the one you're carrying a large bayswater or a regular size?

thank you, i think your blog is brilliant!

July Stars said...

Miss a: I have to agree with you, a little bit of Paris can only improve people!

She's dressing up: Paris in the snow was magical. I'm glad you like the picture... Thanks!

Anonymous: The Bayswater is so lovely and I would definitely invest in one. The size I use is medium but the large one is beautiful too and was a serious contender.
I'm glad you like my blog, come back soon x

broadcast.poulet said...

i do love how the taxi drivers in paris drive mercedes. this never happens in toronto!

maja casablancas said...

ahhh i've wanted that purse since i was like... thirteen. lucky u

Jack Daniel said...

very beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

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