Jennifer Herrema is part of a rock n’ roll tribe. She is a mix of edgy, fantasy and tomboyish sexiness and has achieved an aesthetic that is unique while not avoiding the trashy. On the contrary. She embodies an essential element of uncompromising neo rock n’ roll style that delights me. Ripped jeans, hard-edged leather and metal, turquoise Cheyenne stones, multicoloured pastel furs, she is a living homage to the seventies and early eighties rock bands. She was an original CK One girl in the nineties, shot by Stephen Meisel, and has styled shoots for i-D and Nylon. Her look makes me think of Balmain and Christophe Decarnin’s collection of acid-washed denim and Sgt Pepper jackets. There is a certain similarity there. Decarnin has identified a very interesting era of fashion and has recreated it at the right moment. Thanks to him we can all look like a mixture of Jennifer Herrema and fierce chic groupie models on the pages of Paris Vogue! Anyway, I like Herrema and I like her music. You can’t help but be riveted by her style. She is obviously inspired from the past and her rock culture but it all seems very actual.

Happy weekend... I intend to not rush things and move with Sunday slowness! Tonight I will be sitting at
Chisou, loving my Tori Karaage and the company of my best girl from Marrakech, B, a tireless traveller with an energetic mind.


Lisa said...

hi beauty.

your comment truly warmed my heart.
thank you does not do my gratitude justice.

fashion is so much know?

wow that 3rd picture of JH is rockin. i love how she is an original ck girl. in the 90s i lived for ckone.

have the most glorious weekend.


MR style said...

fab post ! dude u rock

Anonymous said...

wow these are heartstopping sssserriously. this is what i'd look like if i had the balls and lifestyle to support it.

love urblog

how do you format your images to be so HUGE?

July Stars said...

Lisa: Those comments came from the heart, honey! Kiss

Mr Style: Hey. how's Paris?

_: Thanks for the comment!

miss a. said...

I love her blog. She's like my new guilty pleasure. Love the center photo of her!!

i.d. said...

What I love is that her style is so effortless. She seems to just throw everything together and it works.

Hope you had a fab weekend! x

Iheartfashion said...

Fantastic photos!

July Stars said...

Miss a.: What, she has a blog? Really? Please send me the link ...

i.d.: You're right, she exudes a natural cool which doesn't come easy for a lot of people in the fashion world. But the girl has got it!

I heart fashion: Thanks for leaving me a comment. I'm glad you liked the photos shown here. Just checked out your blog and really like it!

chloé mariya said...

sometimes that is all there is in my mind,

July Stars said...

Chloe: Just took a quick look at your blog but I can't understand anything!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

love her. My boyfriend used to book shows for Royal Trux back in the day and he had some crazy stories to tell about her and her (ex)husband's rock exploits haha. So glad she's doing awesome things these days on top of the music!

July Stars said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
July Stars said...

Michelle: You've just spiced up this post and I want to know everything, dish the dirt!!!!

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