For the past few months I have received numerous emails from readers asking about my style and demanding pictures of the clothes I wear. A seemingly small request for a girl like me but I wondered whether street style inspired images would truly translate my choices. I'm reluctant to have my attires scrutinized, my blog is not about appealing to everyone, this is an impossible and out of reach task. However, I am curious to see if this is an experience I will find easy and what results it will produce.
I guess some of the comments left by several bloggers made me realize that there might be a slight paradox between writing about fashion extensively yet not showing how these elements I talk about translate into real life. My life. This thought surfaced over the past couple of months and stayed on my mind. As a result, I decided to create my very own "window dressing" space. I will try to convey my style accurately and give the best possible sense of clarity to my displays but the excellence of this task might not be on the same level as the pros (
Sea of Shoes, LeeseLooks, Fashion Toast, Inside Am-Lul's closet and Lulu and your mum).
This new little feature is essentially designed to bring a special insight into my world and to see my fashion opinions in a different light. Another form of discussion to fulfil the desire of some of my readers for more information.
I will attempt to post images of my favourite outfits once or twice a month but I do not intend to create a catalogue of images or a look-book. You can easily find that kind of thing elsewhere. The Internet already provides a triumphant riot of style blogs and communities.
So, that's the plan: a fashion reality challenge!
Let me know what you all think ...

Practical Saturday
Functional and super comfortable ACNE jeans belonging to the boy/husband
Frilly light blue shirt, vintage, bought in Paris for 5 euros
Old Miu Miu belt
Louboutin platforms (bought for my wedding two years ago)
Stella McCartney old men's cardigan
Faux leather clutch, vintage, bought in Brussels last summer

shirt 2
shirt 1


Anonymous said...

Oh my god. Girl you are so beautiful.

Lisa said...

so beautiful.

you wore those Loubs on your wedding? amazing. i would love to see pics!

you have such natural. beautiful style. it TRULY is an inspiration.

can't wait for the next feature.

thanks for sharing ladylove!!!


Anonymous said...

your blog is one of my favourites (and i'm a blog addict) and i have always wondered what you look like/how you dress. very impressed! do share more, and i second the request to see a wedding picture! x

claire said...

Louboutin platforms? For your wedding?


y-s x

V said...

adorable.your layout is cool

Anonymous said...

Ah mais je t'aime!

noel said...

yeah lucerne is a wonderful city with beatiful places. nice blog

noel said...

yeah lucerne is a wonderful city with beatiful places. nice blog

Alice (ou Al) said...

your Louboutin are awesome! Good idea your outfits, j'aime beucoup!

i.d. said...

The platforms are to die form - I love that you wore them for the wedding!

Keep it up, I'd like to see more. x

broadcast.poulet said...

!!! so unique & amazing, you are faaab. bisous!!!

kat said...

i looooooove love love.

you are my fav with the search for chic- brilliant, you two.


MarionRocks said...

Wo-AW !!! Your shoes.... perfect ! They're so so so beautiful !!!
Thx for your comment !

Lola Is Beauty said...

love it - that shirt too. I always think of that too, never showing photos of myself but unfortunately I hate to have my photo taken more than I worry about it!x

Kenza said...

Quand on a un style comme le tien, on le montre !
Bravo !

miss a. said...

Ooooo! I love the top! I think the approach you're using for this is interesting, especially since your blog showcases so much work from other people (in a very tasteful manner, I should add, and truly sets you apart from the other compilation blogs). I feel like a lot of people (and I even feel myself doing this) force their WIWT posts because they just need content to put up for that day. Fashion shouldn't be forced; it must be lived! (I feel like this is a quote from somewhere...)

stilettostetico said...

Parce que paradoxalement, les éléments du vestiaire masculin contribuent à sublimer la Féminité de celle qui se les approprie, "with You on a Casual CHIC-issime way" !!! Mmmh Mmmh "Théorème stylistique" au coeur de mon dernier article . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

July Stars said...

Anonymous: That is incredibly sweet of you! Thank you so much for this lovely comment. It makes me very happy...

Lisa: Yes, the Loubs were my wedding shoes and I love them to death. They're incredibly comfortable and always add a little bit of 'hooker' glamour to my outfits - hehehe

Anonymous: Thank you so much for the comment! It's so nice to know that people out there like my blog ... I'm not sure about posting a photo of my wedding outfit. It feels extremely personal and not something I'm willing to share with the blogosphere....

Claire: Yes, platforms! I don't usually go for the highly feminine and dainty, not quite me.

V: Hey, thanks for the comment and welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoy the layout!

Salegamine: Non, c'est moi qui t'aime!

Noel: Thanks for the comment!

Alice: Merci, je suis super contente que ca te plaise. Alors, Londres? Est ce que tu te sens deja chez toi? Kiss

i.d.: Thank you for the comment and the support. I'm glad that you like my Loubs and the fact that I wore them for my wedding. People seem quite surprised by the wedding platforms!!!

Broadcast.Poulet: You know what, I still smile every time I see the name of your blog... I love it and you still haven't told me what gave you the idea! Explanation, please...

Kat: Thank you so much, it means a lot to me to be listed in the same sentence as 'The search for chic'!

Marion Rocks: Merci! Je suis tres contente qu'elles te plaisent. A bientot j'espere!

Lola: I'm glad you like the shirt. I was ecstatic when I found it. The first time I come across a real bargain in Paris... I think you should follow my example and use a tripod to take pictures of yourself (less stress). I've been dying to know what you look like for a very long time!

Kenza: Wow, ca me fait super plaisir ce que tu me dis la ... T'es un ange!

Miss a.: Your comment is spot on. Thank you so much for coming back here and giving me so much support! I'm extremely happy that you like what you see on my blog!

Stiletto: Le grand retour de 2009! Merci d'etre toujours la au moment ou l'on en a le plus besoin. Kiss

Knight Cat said...

i loveee! where did you get your jeans from? they are so perfect in fit, love the shoes too!


July Stars said...

Knight cat: Thank you so much for your comment and for checking out my blog! It's a real pleasure to have you here! The jeans are ACNE for men .... Kiss

Mathilde said...

thanks for the comment, i'm so glad it's led me to your blog which i think is beautiful in presentation and full of well written and interesting content - i will be back!

and you have have shown me the only pair of louboutins i would ever consider wearing - i seriously never thought i'd ever say that!
from that little glimpse it looks as though you have fantastic style.

and the ann d boots - i tried to leave them behind but it haunted me so much that that last pair would end up with someone else that i snuck out of work to go and buy them! how lame is that?

M x

July Stars said...

Mathilde: So, you're not a Louboutin girl? He has created beautiful shoes in the past ... especially the retro python stilettos!

Anonymous said...

I really like your outfits. And LOVE the clutch..

thesearchforchic said...

You seem to have fantastic style, please do show it more often. ;)

July Stars said...

Bohoatwist1: Thank you, that's so sweet of you!

Thesearchforchic: Merci, that's super nice of you ... Hope you're enjoying your time in the French capital!

a. said...

darling, you look so lovely!

i only wish i could pull off mens wear as easily as you can.

everythings so slouchy & perfect.

ive felt for a long time the same way you have about "outfit posting", as with your blog mine is also not about pleasing people, its always been about what i like & what my thoughts are on various subjects & things that i love.

i found that posting a little outfit post here & there is just perfect. that way everyone can see how your style relates in real life without it becoming just another outfit posting blog, hee.

i must say it again - you look fabulous.

love xxxx

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