Having lived abroad until the age of 18 I escaped the relentless but very British passion for football. And until I met my husband a few years ago, I was able to blissfully ignore the shouting, grotesque commentators, inarticulate managers and players, the hordes of fans who are football’s worst advertisements and the tabloids’ obsession with bird-brained overpaid boys. I sometimes fantasize that football doesn’t exist. But now that I’m a full-time London resident there is no escaping… All I can do is close the door, wear earplugs and ignore the chanting of obscenities and the howls of disappointment (he supports Liverpool and they’re so ridiculously shit they never win)! So when a game started recently, I hid in the kitchen with my Mac and discovered the exceptionally beautiful and lyrical work of Cécile Bortoletti. Her fashion photography presents a kind of slow paced soft realism, marked by imaginative depth and a sweetness of tone reminiscent of David Hamilton. Her visual ideas clearly reflect the influence of cinema in the way she constructs a semblance of narrative often focusing on personal intimacy and authenticity. Her work definitely speaks to me. I love its mysterious and poetical story lines, the lighting and colours, the framing and settings. She plays with moods, challenging the viewer with ambiguous productions where the clothes take second place. Her pictures are like exquisite gems and you’ll know exactly what I mean once you’ve looked at them!
Cécile Bortoletti lives and works in Paris. She has collaborated with Bless, Charles Anastase, Margiela and Issey Miyake. Her pictures have been published in Self Service, Purple, Big, Jalouse etc.

All pictures from The Fashion Spot and Cécile Bortoletti



E.K. said...

These are beautiful!

I love the idea of you looking at this while your husband shouts over football! That's great.

Anonymous said...

love the light!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...


those first shots are amazzzing,
especially the ones far right.

so whimsical.

ohhh dear. i know all about the sports.
but here it is rugby central.
but hey, he puts up with chatter about chanel + FW's and new collections...
i always find it goes both ways & we just reach a mutual understanding


Lola Is Beauty said...

is it wrong that I keep coming here to hear that Eagles of Death Metal song? I love the pics too...p.s. it could be worse; it could be golf.

miss a. said...

haha, for some reason, i thought you were going to launch into a post about football and fashion. :) i can't lie - even though it's nearly impossible to watch games here without spending an extra $30 on special cable channels, i do it just to watch my weekend football. but i do have to agree that liverpool plays like shit. haha (don't tell your husband)

her photos look like a borges piece - magical surrealism. and god, i would love to find a place where i could see bless pieces regularly.

MT Days & Nights said...

gorgeous pictures. That fur jacket is amazing.

J. Rene' said...

Very intense and interesting! The colors are fab! Nice finds.

Anonymous said...

haha je t'adore!Trop drôle!Les anglais et le football...oh je crois que je vais me revomir dessus ma poule et tu sais pourquoi...gniiiii.Sinon DJ Sale Gamine arrive pour te sauver + très belles photos!

Moodie said...

J'adore. La lumière des premiers clichés me fait penser à David Hamilton, c'est vrai, mais aussi à Sarah Moon....

Mademoiselle Robot said...

La prochaine fois qu'il y a du foot, on colle nos mecs ensemble et on passe la soirée toutes les deux xxx

lilly said...

god how i love these!
how i love ur blog'n taste!!!

Pari said...

amazing pictures!!!!! WOW

stilettostetico said...

Mmmmmh MAIS le football est peut être le seul sport où le jeu peut avoir une âme, être touché par La Grâce . . . comme l'esthétique des photos de Cécile Bortoletti !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

sparkzspot said...

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Fashionistadiary said...

oh my what amazing photos!!! btw i HATE football too.. been living in london 10 years now and i can assure you i will never get used to it :) xo

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Ha! My husband is also a rabid football fan. I could live without it. But these photos are stunning...


Adeline said...

I love it!

Brook and Lyn said...

ahhh football..I lived in Germany for a year and I thought I was going to shoot myself every time there was a game. I once got stuck on a tram with all football fans jumping, screaming and pushing I thought I was going to lose it. Anyways...back to these beautiful photos. All with some beautiful glow to them, so calming.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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