Paris fashion week is over. There has been the usual enthusiastic noises and applause for certain brands from those who only see what they want to see when it comes to the objects of their blinkered idolization.
It is a pity that Isabel Marant did not get more attention. Her collection was confident, sensuous, seamless and proved that she is on top of her game. She showed looks with a contemporary and rock n’ roll rhythm, leaving her more ethnic hippie influences behind. The lines are easy, cool and wearable. These are clothes that I want to wear every day, infused with a street attitude and remarkable energy. With all the heavily tailored pieces we have seen recently, her world is like a parallel universe in which everything is a little bit more casual and fresh, with less drama. Little snapshots in real-time of what girls love: grey sweatshirts, masculine oversized charcoal tweed coats, studded ankle boots, leopard-print coats, fur coats with three quarter length sleeves, little boucl√© jackets in the style of Chanel, slouchy sheer t-shirts. Marant also introduced several pieces with the unavoidable Balmain touch, the sculptured shoulder. A small malfunction in an otherwise perfect show! Like Chlo√©, the pieces were quite grounded in reality and merged masculine and feminine touches to achieve a spirited movement and aesthetic. And you know what? Her strategy is effective. I loved it.
If you’re in London, go and see the Gerhard Richter exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. I went last Saturday and absolutely adored his blurry photographic paintings.
I've just finished watching American Graffiti and was not prepared for the blandness. I was expecting so much more!



broadcast.poulet said...

i love the menswear vibe of the top right photo. it's so great to be exposed to designers that do not usually get as much attention :) thanks jaja!


Chloe said...

I loved Isabel Marant too. gorgeous but very wearable

Sabrina said...

I guess people make more of a fuss about dramatic shows because they usually feature something new shocking (well, maybe the new part can be debated for some collections). I like Isabel Marant, but these are clothes I can already find on the racks of Zara. They are perfect for wearing now, but I'm looking for what I'll be wearing in the future.

E.K. said...

I love Gerhard Richter, I wrote a paper on him in grad school.

Lisa said...

oh to own some isabel marant.
i thought her show was incredible.
i love a look on natasha poly where she is wearing this DREAMY SKIRT + GREY SWEATSHIRT.
so easy breezy.
and the booties.

what did you think of Dries?
i think it was my FAVORITE collection from all 4 FW's.
something about it just captured me.

have a beautiful weekend love!


Champagne said...

The jackets for this show are very welcome made. I love the two gray ones. The first row, third outfit is also fantastic.

Brook and Lyn said...

You are right there is such an ease to all the clothes, it's how real women you see on the streets aspire to be. At least that's the case for me.

Iheartfashion said...

Loved Marant's collection this season. And Dries.

Anonymous said...

love this collection, wearable, trendy and powerful.

thesearchforchic said...

I didn't actually love it.. which is really strange for me.. but perhaps it's one of those collections that are much better in store.


cheap thrills said...


Vintage Tea said...

i love the all grey one. its so hot

Click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


Anonymous said...

she can never go wrong. one of my top 5 favorite collections for fall. love all of it! only you could translate how perfect it was. ; )
i must say i like that isabel marant is still slightly off the radar. she's like a best-kept secret and i would almost hate for her to be overexposed.

thanks for this amazing post.xoxo

J. Rene' said...

Really beautiful pictures! The gray dress with the fur--god, I want to wear that right now!

Michael Oats said...

Hey! how are u?

I've been a long time without posting any shooting due to some problems, but today I wanted to share something new. It's just one picture but I hope you like it.



Photographed by Michael Oats

Lindsey said...

this is why i love marant so much, chic and totally wearable all at the same time.

Lady Melbourne said...

I agree about Isabel's lack of attention in the mainstream media- I've noticed alot of bloggers noting her collection so it must be true, we are ahead of the pack!

discothequechic said...

sometimes a little dubious of marant, just because she is one of those designers that quickly becomes a "bloggers bandwagon" (!) but look three is wonderful. and luckily the weather still has enough of a chill to permit thin charcoal knits!

MT Days & Nights said...

That gray skirt on the left is super cute!

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