Work, life and a mini trip to the countryside meant that my blog was momentarily incapacitated last week. Did you miss me?
I returned to London last night to find numerous baffling and hostile accounts of CNN’s “Revealed” show. I thought that this brief study of Carine Roitfeld and her world was incredibly successful in explaining what it is that she does and providing a gloriously lucid and comprehensible portrait of French Vogue’s Editor in Chief. The three part program immediately prompted arguments and debates among fashion bloggers disgruntled at the lack of newsworthy scandal, gossip or detailed insight into her personal and professional life. Fashion illuminated in all its perversity! When one of the principal actors in the industry gets interviewed, controversy is only to be expected. But most comments I read on the subject were completely beside the point! The first thing I’m keen to point out is that CNN’s goal was to provide an introduction to Carine Roitfeld’s life, a coherent interview and breakdown of her job and this was achieved concisely and with great clarity. A lot of you seem to have lost sight of why shows like “Revealed” are created: to offer a condensed account of a person to the masses. What I watched was an entertaining, interesting, uncomplicated and warm introduction to one of the world’s most stylish woman. A tangible glimpse into another world. The cameras followed her during fashion week, mingling with other high profile fashion characters, at a shoot with Demarchelier (April 2009 editorial). She was also filmed in her Paris apartment and office discussing the early stages of her career before joining Vogue as well as her attitude towards motherhood and family obligations. I found it reassuring to see that her rare authenticity and quiet force of nature were so apparent, showing us that her philosophy is firmly rooted in reality despite evolving in a circle of frivolity. The normally chronic disconnection between the powerful and the rest of us seemed less acute in the presence of Roitfeld thank to her innate ability to reveal her genuine and somehow warm character. Anyway, this is a great interview with a far-sighted woman who commands the most interesting current photographers, stylists and designers and as a result has made French Vogue into an eminent pleasure ground.

Picture: Hedi Slimane


laia. said...

I quite enjoyed it. I never really got to hear her talk before and it was just super rad.

Mademoiselle Robot said...

I agree with you on that. I thought it was actually an interesting introductory documentary about her. I wanted to write about it as well and then decided against it as it is so completely off topic for me.

I think the main problem in the blogosphere and Roitfeld case is that most people just idolize/admire her too much for all the wrong reasons.

The way she is depicted in this video, as a down to Earth, driven family woman goes against the super glamourous lifestyle that most people want her to have.

I respect her for her career, and because she has managed to remain grounded in everyday life and in her family while having this powerful working life. She could wear jeans and tees everyday, her achievements would stay amazing. And she could have had this career in art dealership, or in finance, she would still be a positive role model.

It would be nice if she was finally recognized for what she has done rather than for what she wears.

Anonymous said...

I missed you like crazy...Almost called 911.J'adore Vogue...surtout quand je peux dire des sales connasseries dessus! Hinhin. Mwah xxx

E.K. said...

Where did you watch the video of her? Oh, and I did miss you!

Lisa said...

of course i missed you!
i was on a break.too!

in the end- Carine is a human being just like the rest of us.
it showed us a glimpse into her life.
yes she is a figure in the media/fashion world but that does not mean she has to share everything about her life and reveal all these "secrets".
she is SUCH A SMART lady, and it shows, and everything that has come her way is not by luck or be happen chance
she is smart. she chooses to do something with her life. works hard and is rewarded!

i think she is an amazing role model and woman!


Anonymous said...

yes miss you were missed..
oh...i missed hearing anyone complain about l'absence de scandale...
anyway....carine is cool all day...

deedoubleyou said...

i totally agree with you. i thought it was great

Maurenice said...

Carine is an amazing Woman that I feel its one of a kind and so hard to be compared to anyone out there! She has developed a league of her own and its just wonderful to see such a Visionaire like herself with such an immaculate taste in clothing, seductive aura, and strong character do the things she does! I am at a high everytime I see her! Go are one of my heroes!

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