Happiness last week was buying a selection of good magazines, the latest Alexander McCall Smith’s book “Tea Time for the Traditionally Built” and spending my weekend lying on the grass in the Cotswolds was the perfect way to enjoy them. I love waking up on a sunny morning knowing that my day will include spending quality time with my boy, books, magazines, good food and the countryside. I’d almost forgotten what it felt like to be warm and outside at the same time! We took the lazy option and decided to avoid injecting strenuous activity into our three days at Cowley Manor: no vigorous sweaty aerobic workout in the hotel gym or 55 acres of private land surrounding us. No. Not for us. The task of negotiating our way through self-indulgent treats ranging from a massage to excessive consumption of sweets while watching films seemed much more appealing.
Here’s a closer look at the surroundings and a few images of what I wore.

A lot of my friends have ridiculed Twitter recently. Why the intense dislike? My own personal attempt has been minor but I can certainly see the advantages of using this 140 characters long news update service, notably when used by organizations. While a lot of people will feel the need to reflect their daily life as it is lived (quite often tedious but at least mercifully brief) others will use these updates to provide potent news coverage or simply professional bulletins. Real time nuggets of information during the New York, Milan, London and Paris fashion weeks created a real buzz.
Are you using Twitter?

All pictures taken by me or M





Shoe 2Shoe 1


broadcast.poulet said...

i like twitter.
it's a fun and simple way to communicate things. not complicated and stalkerish like facebook is.

a. said...

gorgeous photos! sounds like the perfect weekend. am craving a bit of a glossy spree myself lately...

i love your outfits; i just recently bought myself a nice mens oxford shirt & i love the mix of stripes & florals with that denim jacket. lovelovelove.

hope your well! much love, xoxo

a. said...


Style Copycat said...

Wow! Those shoes....


July Stars said...

Broadcast.poulet: Thank you! I've been following you on Twitter ...

a.: Such a long time without hearing from you! I'm glad you like the pictures and the shoes!

Style Copycat: Thank you!

Tjejsajten said...

that first photo reminds me of monet, minus the water lilies. it's lovely. oh and your style is fab as well!
i'm with you about twitter, i love the simplicity of it.


Vintage Tea said...

Great photos

Click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


miss a. said...

I've missed you! Those pictures look so lovely - Harper's Bazaar did an editorial (well, a sort of editorial, it's one of those 100 ways to look when you're ____) in the English countryside, and it's about as close as I've gotten to see it. I love the huge pile of Hunters. haha

Where are the shoes from?!

jules said...

These photos are wonderful. I love the ones of the boots allot. I like twitter allot. It's easy, and fun, really fun.

Lisa said...

you. are . gorgeous.
your hair is like silk!

nope, no twittering going on here.
i honestly do not even know how it works!


Anonymous said...

Bon déjà primo j'ai les mêmes chaussures mais ensuite comment est ce que tu vas te balader dans les bois avec ça??? Un-fucking-believable comme dirait Christian B., le plus beau des hommes de l'univers.Ensuite, je suis extrêmement jalouse que tu sois bonnasse comme ça.Ca c'est deuzio et troizio,c'est toi qui m'as convaincue d'aller twitteriser mais je ne vois pas l'intérêt et j'ai déjà oublié mon mot de passe.Tout va bien!

July Stars said...

Tjejsajten: I always have trouble spelling your name ... does it mean anything? Thank you so much for the lovely comment about the picture. I'm so glad you like it. xoxo

Vintage Tea: Thank you!

Miss a: Hey lovely, thanks for stopping by! I had to take a pic of the accumulated Hunter boots at the entrance of the hotel ... I laughed.
The shoes are from Office (a UK brand). Kiss

Jules: You're on Twitter too?

Lisa: As always, you're an angel. Kiss

Sale gamine: ah, ma p'tite gamine ... I love you a la folie! Et ouhais, moi je me promene en foret avec des shoes de ouf!

Marie said...

I love your photos, especially the first one. Twitter has yet to become huge around here, but I think I'll avoid it either way - so far facebook is enough.

deedoubleyou said...

oh it looks so pretty, nothing better than bike rides! and those shoes are amazing. (i also love the new fb picutre)

holierthannow said...

ahh my favorite thing the silver watch and bracelets jumble. i dont know why but i just love that look ... i always feel happy when i put on my watch and little personal bracelets.

I might do a post on this, I'll write you if i maybe want to borrow (and credit) the second to last pic!

love your blog!

i signed up for twitter but between blogging and looking after a 8 week old baby i really dont have time to tweet... so i don't know about twitter

Alice (ou Al) said...

Julie il faut qu'on parle!
Ou est ce que tu es partie exactement, ce lieu est magnifique, tes photos aussi, ton look canon avec tes superbes shoes, ta petite veste en jean et ta chemise d'homme!

Anonymous said...

i'm on twitter!! jheartsd

and of course i'll be following you ; )

Mira Maulia said...



Lou said...

The wellies-pic made me smile!! I miss the British countryside. And the shoes you are wearing are so cool - where´d you get them??
kiss from Milan

Moodie said...

Hello! I love your green pictures... I am in an ecological mood right now, green is life, green is good. I missed your posts.
I am back too. Thanks to you.
Merci mille fois de m'avoir incité à keep on posting.
kisses from paris

Paperface said...

Hello green. Haven't seen you all winter. Glad your back. Please don't ever leave again.

July Stars said...

Marie: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the pictures... and yeah: Facebook, twitter, blogging. It can get a little bit too much at times!

DeeDoubleYou: Hello lovely, I'll email you as soon as I've done the hairband pics and posted them! Exciting!

Holierthannow: I can imagine that with an 8 week old baby you have absolutely no time for anything. Thanks for leaving me a comment!

Alice: Je t'envoie un email now!

Keepfeelingjoanna: Following you!

Mira: Thanks!!!

Lou: Hey, the shoes are from Office. So, did you use to live in the UK?

Moodie: Hello gorgeous! Je m'en vais faire un tour chez toi maintenant... Kiss

Paperface: Love it! Poetic!

Alice X said...

my god these pictures and you uare beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.


LoveMore said...

WOWZER girl! you AND your photographs are all too good for words...wherever that is..it is so magical and special..lucky you!

oh yes twitter! i caved..haha

happy friday!

xx LM

i.d. said...

Wow that sounds like the perfect weekend to me! I love the heels too, how stunning are the laceups!? Are they comfy?

Sabina said...

Magical photos!

Twitter is fun and fills those little spots of quietness, things you want to share when there's noone to tell! My twitter: Sabinie.

Great blog by the way xx

J. Rene' said...

i have been thinking about joining twitter since i refuse to join facebook....it may happen soon. your pics are amazing. always enjoy reading what you write.

Ava said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful photos! and i love those shoes!!!


Annemie said...

Wow...these shoes are just brilliant!
I love the way you wear them.

alice said...

Stunning! Now i wanna go outside and walk and walk and walk! Maybe when rain stops...
Great shoes!

J. said...

Hey, I'm your favorite French Follower ^^ I don't know if you've already seen my blog. It's a little bit more personal than yours but You could appreciate it (I hope) if it's the case, you can follow me :)

You became my daily meeting ^^



cras4 said...

awesome shoes, and that manor looks amazing!

elisabeth said...

im refusing to join twitter, it seems cool if your stephen fry or something!
but im in love with your shoes:D i'v had them bookmarked for a while now hoping they'll come down further in price

julia. said...

oh, worldy crappinghood! i have never seen a pair of so pretty shoes! are they in suede? platform? where do they come from?

love from sweden,


maja casablancas said...

you have amazing eyes girl!

white lightning said...


with that FACE and THOSE SHOES..you can rule the world, J


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