Who would have known that these could be interesting times for the culture of fashion? While reading Scout Holiday, one of my favourite blogs (it always makes me think of a little lost city with its beautiful simplicity and exquisite treasures/reflections), I stumbled upon several images taken from a publication called “Encens”. Sadly, I don’t know much about it and wasn’t able to find a copy in London but I still felt compelled to write about these photos. In this shoot, the photographer and stylist have managed to breathe new life into vintage elements of the eighties genre: the clothes, accessories, makeup, setting and light. They have captured the essence of a long gone era with intelligent sympathy denuded of sentimentality. There’s a taste of authenticity about this shoot and the styling and photography have been created with an impressive sense of inside knowledge.
Looking at other “Encens” fashion stories which appealed to my eye (on The Fashion Spot), I realized that I had found an aesthetically covetable magazine which has probably successfully carved a niche for itself with its rare quality of being able to communicate its influences accurately. A niche where its fashion editor is free to art direct with strong individual creativity, unlike other publications which have often been reduced to a formula.
This is the beginning of a love affair. Only one small problem, where do I buy it?

All images: The Fashion Spot



holierthannow said...

this reminds me SO much of the photographer Sheila Metzner... she is OLD SCHOOL! she is kind of in the Mary Ellen Mark generation/crew of NY women photogs.


Go to "Fashion Classic" in the bottom menu you will see what I mean... hey maybe she shot that editorial!

xo holierthannow.blogspot.com

KATLIN said...

Never heard of this mag before, but I'm intrigued to do check them out now! And I'm liking this muted look in the editorial.

E.K. said...

Those images are so Ashes to Ashes era Bowie! Love them.

Anonymous said...

C'est très mignon, on dirait un Pierrot, il manque plus que le croissant de lune pour qu'elle s'asseoie dessus...

Anonymous said...

yes scout holiday is quite cool...and apparently she will be in paris soon...elle est chanceuse!!!
oh but the photos...true...really have the light and texture of the film of the 80's....


Lola Is Beauty said...

hey hey you can buy it online from colette:

but it's sold out at the moment.

I wanna buy it too!

I love scout holiday too - so true what you said about it.


Freya said...

looks ethereal. wow.

Anonymous said...

Please! rappelez moi le titre d'un morceau écouté sur votre blog et qui m'obsède, dans lequel ein zwei drei revient en boucle...j'adore vos choix musicaux :-) en plus du reste...
merci d'avance

Anonymous said...

Regarde ma chérie, les gens disent qu'ils adorent tes choix musicaux, tu vois, on progresse ;p Mwah! xxx

Anonymous said...

Très chouette et bon choix de musique !

July Stars said...

Anonymous: The track is by a band called Pleasure and the track is called "Don't look the other way".

Bijou and Ruby said...

Now don't cha just wish it was that easy wearing white like that and keeping white! That wasn't meant to sound like an ad for washing detergent



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for giving me such a quick answer for the track I was looking for :-)

a. said...

ohmygod that last photo is perfection!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous editorial, I love the earthy whites!


Lola Is Beauty said...

p.s. I found Encens mag in Magma today (the Covent Garden one) x

bobble bee said...

Encens has the BEST editorials ever

susie_bubble said...

I've only ever seen this mag ONCE...and then never again... this is gorgeous...

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