I’m sure most of you have seen the Chris Cunningham film for Gucci’s new fragrance “Flora”. I was already addicted to the “Gucci” by David Lynch commercial and now my enjoyment has been heightened with this newest arrival. With a tighter focus, fewer characters and intense movement, Cunningham has created a perfect synergy between Abbey Lee and the endless field of flowers. The romantic visual components, the simplicity of the stage and the passion of the model’s gestures are thrilling and irresistible. Cunningham efficiently captures the ultimate modern romantic girl. A vivid portray of strength and fragility through the experience of a ceaseless and graceful dance which culminates in a butterfly like character, illuminated by a soft sun reminiscent of David Hamilton. Delicate and charming, she has a mysterious and almost biblical power: the ability to control the wind.
The instrumental force and caressing sounds of a re-worked “I feel love” by Donna Summer make the visuals even more effervescent.
With his unique, mad and bizarre vision, Chris Cunningham could have been a commercial nightmare that no mainstream fashion house would consider. But thanks to him, Gucci has obtained a truly effective statement, unconventional but genuinely sublime. It works. And I now know that I would never rush to a Gucci store to try on their collections or wear their fragrances but I would not hesitate to immerse myself in the beautiful and exciting scenarios developed by Chris Cunningham and David Lynch for the brand!


Lisa said...

they just played this in south africa the other week.

the movement is what captivates me.

but the scent is sickly sweet, but a tad addicting!

i love abby lee's smile + teeth.

Mademoiselle Robot said...

Ca me donne envie de me rouler dans un champ de fleurs tiens.


Frederic Betancourt. said...

mmm Love it.
I´ll add U to my links OK?

Anonymous said...

oh in all truthulness..i am not a fan of Chris Cunningham's videos...and i felt that this ad really pushed me away as opposed to pulling me in. sorry. it felt like an ad for a supernatural new tv series..BUT i did love the flares in the lens....

Luxe. said...

I swear this ad gives me goosebumps, stunning.x

jessica said...

it's such a beautiful video .
abbey lee is so stunning .

Logan said...

Amazing !

Anonymous said...


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