It might seem absurd but I think it is entirely possible to enthusiastically fall in love with a photograph. On the other hand, I have been a lifelong lover of fashion photography – its symbols and influence, its unique ability to offer a spectacle unlike any others. I believe that fashion photography is an art privileged in historical accounts of visual culture. This is undoubtedly a rather “serious” statement to make. I’m even laughing myself at this gripping sentence as I’m not normally too keen on complex brain-twisting puzzles. Maybe this post will be celebrated with an academic award? Hilarious. Anyway, what I like about my blog is that I don’t have to justify my choices or thoughts! And I suspect that if you’ve been reading July Stars for a while you will have noticed that photography, notably fashion photography, is my chosen patch.
The first time I saw this visual taken by David Seidner for Yves Saint Laurent, it felt like something of a revelation: stripping away superfluous effects, Seidner uses his signature technique of taking a portrait from above to create a sophisticated and intensely harmonious composition. The colours and graphic quality of the work successfully establish a connection with paintings and is the best advertisement for his skills. It is a bold and exciting creation, methodically developed and mythical. Ultimately, I think that it is the calm aesthetic and quality of the colours that seduced me the most and I would argue that even with the passing of time it is still very much a modern image, capable of lingering in your mind for many years.

Image courtesy of the International Center of Photography
David Seidner 1983

Picture 2


Gisela said...

I very much share your enthusiasm for incredible pictures. You make great selections..I've began following your blog and added you to my blog list..would love for you to visit sometime!

Paperface said...

Your passion is undeniable. You live for this, and I think that's beautiful.

laurakitty said...

It helps that the clothes are gorgeous! Yves was a master of colour and volume, and it is great to see them captured so vividly.

Anonymous said...


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