I know absolutely nothing about Eric Saeter except that his hand made creations are beautiful and not afraid to engage with the darker aspects of the human psyche.
I came across his blog purely by chance last week and had to refrain myself from immediately sending him an email applauding his brilliance and the power of his craftsmanship. The designs, textures, linearity and symbolism of his pieces seem to willingly embrace individual architectural creativity, a formula which could have been acquired from looking at post-modern buildings and mathematics. A complementary interpretation to this last version is that he is using his skills and expertise to describe his own truths through his jewellery. I’m guessing that the powerful imagery and poetic resonance are direct references to the creation myths and Pagan legends. The elemental quality of some of the rings is reminiscent of modern druidic, New Age and Eastern concepts. Similarly the geometry and proportions of the pentagram pieces could indicate that Eric is interested in magic and the occult. His use of base materials is very efficient in expressing the difference between naturalism and industrial production. Compare his work to what you find in shops today and you will feel like he has arrived in the earth’s orbit from a utopian galaxy! A sci-fi fantasy.
His achievements to date rest principally on a body of work which includes rings and necklaces (they can be purchased from his Etsy store).

All pictures courtesy of Eric Saeter

Eric 1
Eric 2


Luxe. said...

Ok I want everything.x

Mo said...

oh can never have enough!!



gr8 pics

discothequechic said...

Nooo, another store to add to my etsy store favourites is not what I need right now.

But I can't help it, these are too beautiful!

Frederic Betancourt. said...


Anonymous said...

Bague à tête de vache = la future alliance.Celle à côté= la future bague de fiançailles.

Mec tout nu sur dernière photo = le mari.

E.K. said...

Why not send him an e-mail?

Anonymous said...

so rad. thanks for introducing me to his blog and his jewelry! it reminds me a little of pamela love, but there's something extra mysterious about it.
x o x o

tyler. said...

I love those photos.

best Frank Sinatra song. EVER.

B said...

I love all of it!! Thanks for posting.

dirtyflaws said...

ahhh im fucking sold

Cruz said...

These are really cool, I need some of them asap.

Anonymous said...

Wow these are fabulous!! Thanks for posting this.

Miranda said...

the huge buffalo ring is quite a statement..and those metal "crystal" ring pendants are relaly intriguing

Faridah said...

Brilliant, simply brilliant! What a hero. I think I need a piece. I'm really loving your blog too. xx

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